Moisture while using new desiccant

I got my X1C combo today and set everything up exactly like the Bambu lab tutorial and it has been printing great since. But a feature about the AMS is that it will slow down the process of the filament getting moist. After removing the desiccant from the bags and putting it back in the AMS the moisture sensor shows that the AMS is getting really moist. I checked the desiccant and it hasn’t turned yellow plus this desiccant is brand new. I have attached a image to this post. Can anyone figure out why this is happening? Thanks!

Bambu Lab AMS moist

The AMS hygrometer is slow, it will take a few hours to equalise a reading. There is no accurate way of telling from it and every time you open the lid it will jump. The basic gauges off amazon are ok for a baseline and tend to be reliable and cheap to run. Don’t get too fanatical with the moisture reading, I have both X1 and A1 series and most basic materials fair well outside with no noticeable moisture defects in use being in the open environment.


This is interesting to me, because my AMS was reading a 4 also, so I switched out all my containers of silica. I was impressed that my next print was reading a 1. The hygrometer I have mounted inside the AMS was reading 10%. I was impressed that it worked so quickly (about 10-20 minutes.)

@bill.m.davis With extra desiccant inside it’ll go down much faster, the OP is using the basic packs alone so its going to take a lot longer and less effect. I run desiccant beads in the base and between the feeders, I get similar results as you. I use a Govee dongle alongside the amazon round dial, I’ve calibrated the Govee to align with the amazon and the readings drop quite rapidly with fresh desiccant. I still maintain its overkill and the standard setup is fine :slight_smile:

This is with my setup
Over a few hours (fresh desiccant)

Over a week (it works good but loses gradually).


How low have you been able to drive the measured RH in the AMS using your overkill method?

I been running the recycle beads in the base since new, the desiccant pods have been a recent addition. With the beads in the base I regularly hovered around 10%.


Your setup sounds very similar to mine. I used to use the indicating beads (blue to pink), but they never really changed color and the AMS was showing a rise in humidity. I swapped them out with the plain white beads (non-indicating) and I witnessed much better performance!

I don’t need the indicating beads because the AMS will tell me when they need to be refreshed.

Outside the AMS I have a hygrometer reading 36% right now, but it is back to 10% in the AMS. Overkill or not, I like this setup.


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