Move pan and tilt to right mouse button, left button selecting

Every other software product I have used the default function of the left mouse button is for object selection, not pan and tilt. Usually for pan and tilting the objects you press some other key or use the right mouse button etc. It drives me crazy, I am so use to just clicking the left mouse button and start selecting stuff, but instead the bed starts rotating and moving all about. Then I have to move it all about again to get it back to normal view.

I am new to 3D printing, but been using designing software all my life, so if this is standard interface that the normal left mouse function is panning and tilting the plate, it really seems wrong to me.

My request is to get Bambu studio to work like every other design software and assign pan and tilt operations to some other button, move it to the right mouse button, but make the left button for selecting parts. I am not optimistic this will change, but it really seems wrong to me!

The first rule of any CAD software or 3D viewer app is to use a novel mouse binding for rotation, zoom, and pan.

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As I said I am new to 3D printing and Bambu Studio is the only slicer I have used, so I don’t know if this is the usual mouse configuration for this technology. Do other slicers pan and tilt with the right mouse button, I don’t know. I look through the forum a little if anyone else complained, didn’t see any. For me it is extraordinarily annoying and i am amazed I did not see any other complaints.

Do you have a 3D Connexion device? My Space Mouse works wonderfully in Bambu Studio once you adjust the defaults.


My next purchase as soon as possible. :smiley::smiley:


Thanks for the suggestion and I am sure it’s a wonderful device. If I looked up the same device; it is almost $300, which is more then I am willing to spend to solve a problem I am having with only one of many applications I use on a daily basis.

My view is BL should change their software to get it in step with all the other CAD-like software. Also, I should not have to change and spend money to adapt to software which is not inline with practically all other software on the market. Where basically you click on the left mouse button then you can drag open a selection window and not go into a whirly derby mode of turning and rotating your plates… This is not normal mouse behavior…. Thanks for the reply, I will check the device further……

Ideally they would allow the user to configure as desired.
I’ve run lots of different low and high end CAD software, and I agree, Bambu Studio seems just wrong. Each time I go to use it, it seems like I have to shift my brain vs hand navigation to a different mode.

Creo Parametric & Viewer
and others

Each is a little different.

Creo Viewer can be configured to your liking, but others are locked down. As is Bambu Studio.

This is a lot like the ISO vs SAE debate for backhoes.

Ya they have really gone up in price. I remember back when I was a young design engineer and a space mouse was $79. They have been around for along time so the used market is pretty decent if you keep an eye out.

To be honest, it doesn’t take long for the “left mouse to spin” to become normal. I really doubt there will be a change as there are many many thousands of people accustomed to this behavior now.


Oh please please change the mouse controls!
I keep moving the objects around without meaning to.

Currently the left-mouse rotates
…and also moves items around - without pre-selection!

Right mouse and middle-mouse both move the view around.

I think it’d be a no-brainer to put the rotate on another (middle or right mouse).

Or give us the ability to bind the function to another button.


The best solution is a preference setting option to allow assigning mouse function assignment to the mouse button/controls.

I truly hate the user interface. Since this a branch of PRUSA slicer it must have been them who came up with this deviation from norm, and it really is a deviation in my opinion. One little mouse movement and the screen goes twirling then I spend minutes getting it back to where it was.

Also they need a 3D cube or something so you can quickly get the view to TOP.

Anyways continuing my rant on the user interface….


Try Ctrl+0 or Ctrl+1:

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