Multi AMS filament change Inefficiency

I have four AMS units particularly use to have a supply of 16 filaments on demand. However when printing with multiple colors, I do not know why the AMS withdraws the filament all the way towards the feeder. I have already made this suggestion to Bambu but It has not been implemented. If the filaments one is using is in a different AMS, it makes sense that the filament is withdrawn up to the four way manifold. It saves a lot of time and the filament is not subjected to such stress of being pulled and pushed all the time. I am not much impressed with the AMS. Whenever I handled two filaments I had fake problems leading to abort the drawings many many times.

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Drawing back to the manifold is fine if the next colour is not in the same AMS. I’d imagine using 4xAMS loaded with a 16 colour print would have to cross paths enough times to not be practical. In my opinion a 16 colour print is never going to be efficient. There will always be too much waste.

Edit. I misread the initial part of the 16 colours being “on demand”, instead was thinking of a 16 colour print eek. Either way its a logistical nightmare where you’d have to sort the colours so at minimum you could get 4 units to only use one spool each and retract to the manifold point to save a minimal amount of time. In that case I’d opt for the closest AMS unit and load up that. Going to an A1 type feed setup would be ideal but you’d still need a huge manifold setup with PTFE’s everywhere.

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i agree that it would be a good idea, but I think it might be a question of sensors.

I’m pretty sure that the buffer/hub (on the back of the printer) has a sensor to tell whether the buffer is compressed or expanded, but I am not sure that it has the filament presence/runout sensor(s) that would be needed to be able to control pulling back the filament only to the edge of the hub.

I think these sort of presence/runout sensors are probably only present in the extruder, AMS internal hub and AMS first stage feeders.

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