Multiple accounts on printer

One issue is that only 1 account can exist on the printer at a time. As a result, my partner cannot print a project remotely which is a huge shame. That’s fine if you’re one person but very inconvenient because the file needs to be sent to me to manually load under my account. This would be a very easy fix and a great sale feature.


+1 single user only is the single biggest limitation we still have with this otherwise amazing printer


I would like to have this ability as well. I would like to have a setting to be able to approve prints that are sent to the printer before they start. Something though the handy app that I would need to click. This would be a huge help for school settings and having some ability to keep an eye on what is being printed as well as allowing the full use of the printer through student accounts and printing via cloud with Studio


+1 for adding this as well.

+1 for adding this please

+1 here too. I bought this for our lab at work. I was a bit surprised by the limitation of single user on a printer.

+1 V. surprised to buy and find this feature lacking…

It is not only the limitations to only one user, but also the absolute ridiculous limitation on naming filament brands and types of filaments and syncing them the the AMS.

We should be able to print multimaterial - ie. ex a PLA body with bearing material. Parts like these should be possible to print in Bambulab, and we should be able to print override things


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+1 !
Both I and my son uses the X1C, and I really wish we could without logging in and out all the time

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I do not think enabling multiple accounts on a 3D printer is a good or even feasible approach to those needs.
I would suggest a sharing model: the „owner“ of the printer (i.e. the account to which the printer is linked) should be able to grant access to his printer to other Bambu accounts. What works for Teslas or Apple Homes should work for printers as well. :blush:


yes we need this, multiple users is a much needed feature

+1 how was this not a default feature?

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Given the release of the X1E as an enterprise targeted system. This feature will certainly need to be released alongside it. No company wants to share login credentials or have to relink their printer to different accounts 10 times a day.

need multiple accounts on one printer too… using three Bambus in a design college lab with multiple Students… the printers are free to use for a bigger group (20+ people) …

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+1 I want my kids to use their own accounts to create their own designs. I don’t want them using my account.

I would also like my wife to be able to use my printer with her own account.

is there a solution for the problem with multiple users at the moment?

+1 here. we need to have multiple accounts there

+1 This would be sooo great to have!

I also want multiple people in the same household to be able to use my X1C.

I don’t want to have one of us have to download other’s prints or downloaded STLs, etc.

This needs to be both for Studio and Handy.

Everyone today has their own laptop, tablet or cell phone. Some people have one of each!

So perhaps the best thing is to allow the printer to attach to multiple accounts?

With Makerworld, having others use my personal user profile (account) is not a good idea at all! I don’t want their favorites, collections, etc. and they certainly don’t want mine!

I have one inkjet printer in the house, everyone can print to it easily. Why can’t the Bambu printer be as easy? Yes, I understand it’s a bit more complicated with build plate options, AMS filament loads, etc for a 3D printer, but there must be a way!

@BambuLab please come up with a method to deal with this. Thank you!

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