Need help printing from P1P console

When a print finishes, I go to the printer and remove it from the plate. Sometimes I want to print it again. Sadly there is no re-print button on the P1P console. If I select print/play nothing happens.

When I go to the file list to print from there, I cannot tell which file corresponds to the print that just finished.

  • What is the cache folder? It seems like unpacking the print job from Studio puts the files in the root directory.
  • The first file in the list is not the job that just completed. I printed it to see. Where is the the last print job and what is the name.
  • Why are the file names so long and not helpful. The file that I just printed was named plateplate.gcode. The plate number part is duplicated and the actual plate name that I added in Studio is not included.

I know I can just go back to the computer and use Studio to send the job again. That is what I am doing. It just seems like the process could be more efficient. The fact that finding the previous job is not easy is almost a bug.

This does relate to a previous post that I made asking for the ability to remove the print from the bed and then click on the interface to let the printer know it was ready to print again. This could be used along with being able to specify the number of copies of the plate when sending the print job to streamline the process even more.

What I normally do is reprint it from the Bambu Handy App. I know it’s not ideal but that’s the quickest way you’ll be able to reprint.

In Bambu Handy: Select Me > Printing History and then select the print you want to reprint.

Thanks, but I do not use Handy. I always run in Lan Only mode and send prints from Studio.

My point was - I am already at the printer removing the print, so reprinting from there is the most efficient way, other than being able to specify the number of copies in the job.