New AMS install on P1P fails callibration

P1P 636 Hours
I just got the AMS, it works fine when loading PLA, but now when I do calibration the belt slips, and the head shifts after it changes color, sometimes it misses the cutter and knocks the tool head off, it slams to the front, it’s chaos! Can anyone help?

Do you have any mods printed for the cable chain or PTFE tube? Those mods can often cause lost steps and issues like you are seeing. Is the AMS sitting on top of the printer? Another thing to check is that you have the correct printer selected in the slicer.

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I don’t have the mods printed for the cable chain or PTFE. The AMS is sitting on top of the printer with the stands provided by Bambuu for print. I do have the correct slicer selected (P1P).

Could the head be catching on anything and causing lost steps? “Belting skip” isn’t common with these printers assuming the belts are tensioned correctly. Can you move the head by hand to all 4 corners?

HMS_0700-4500-0002-0002: The filament cutter’s cutting distance is too large.
The XY motor may lose steps.

The tool head slams it to the front of the printer then it misses the cutter and knocks it out. It’s almost like it’s reading some kind of wrong G-Code when running AMS.

This is only happening with AMS installed, without it, the printer works fine, no belt slipping or shifting.

A factory reset of the printer has fixed odd and unexplained issue in the past. Something you might try.

I don’t think that the Gcode from the slicer is any different with or without an AMS installed.

I did do a factory reset. I will try again.

This is frustrating, I think I’ve tried everything. Old firmware, new firmware, tons of resets, and calibrations, and nothing is fixing it. Fix tension belts, etc.

Without the AMS the printer works fine, with no slamming of the tool head, calibrates perfectly, and prints perfectly.

With the AMS it has issues going through the calibrate. It starts to print but as soon as it has to change color the belt slips, and it starts to print with a shift, not align, and it’s loud and making tons of crazy noise with the printed motors and belts. Printer is 2 days new.

I placed a ticket, I might have a faulty AMS that is doing weird things to my printer. I have been printing for years with no problems until I added this AMS.

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FIXED! Solution. Short PTFE Tube. I changed the tube a few months ago, and I guess with the AMS it does a different homing, it goes all the way to the edge, which was causing the sensors to think it had to compensate. The printer is now working FINE with a longer tube.


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