New printer (XL) upcoming - 2nd and 1st generation

I agree it would be nice to use the lidar and camera for more things. I saw somewhere, not sure where I was reading, that bambu hired someone for computer vision. I think its here to stay and cant wait until its more useful.

From the interview it’s pretty clear that they hesitated between making an X1 XL and the A1 for a long time. Could well be that they added both into BS and perhaps had prototypes for both going on. So we may never see an X1E…

But the X1E was recently added to Bambu Studio ??

I too saw that video with the BambuLab CEO on CNC kitchen. I see the A1 as a direct competition with all these new bed slingers but this one, in my opinion is targeting the Prusa Mini and this one can print multi color for the same price of $459, so it’s a slam dunk.

Now, here’s the best part, the CEO mentioned they just didn’t want to come out with a bigger X1 as they wanted to be innovative. The nice thing is that when the filament adapter and new extruder are added to the X1 carbon which I think will happen, it will make multi-color printing much faster as the filament won’t have to travel as far because it will now have 4 tubes right at the extruder and it will be quieter and less pooping. I don’t print much multi-color only because it can raise the print time exponentially. I think this A1 is genius and the fact that you can print directly from MakerWorld and it does auto-slicing and direct printing, is a win-win.

Now here’s my speculation of when to expect a pre-order for the X1 XL. It’s around 9 weeks from the P1P to the P1S, so I’m thinking they’re be a new printer before the holidays. Everyone wants to make the Christmas rush.

That’s just my humble opinion.


Not becouse of the Printer (I don`t need it), more about the Interview :grinning:

Do Bambulab know how big there word “Bambu” is against 3D-Printer? Everyone likes Bambu and just a view like 3D Printing. Bambu is a top search word that I’ve known for a long time… Bamboo is half-way through with wellness - one of the world’s biggest search trends, which is no surprise. Bamboo is strongly associated with wellness.,3D-Printer,Wellness&hl=en

They may not know that they are not the one who receives the coffee cup. They are the one who says how get the coffee cup. Next product relay possibly on Bambulab’s own YouTube channel in Tim Cook Style? With clear strategy words - business people hate surprises.

X1C and X1E shares the same bed model stl in slicer.

So X1E has the same bed size as X1C. What means that X1E is not supposed to be bigger printer.

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zoom in real close on the name plate. seems pixelated more than the rest of the photo. Im probably wrong but seems there may be a reason they didnt take a pic that shows the print head at all. Colors of the case arent consistant either. Front top panel is lighter than the upper left of the same exact panel even though the lighting is coming from the left side… Top front lighter than the lower front etc. Seems like the color gets much lighter right at the seem between front top right and front right corner.

You can also see theres a lidar cal area on the bed.
Means it has lidar and the x1c screen. Probably missing something but im not sure what else could be changed.

And by the way, actuel more persones searching for Belt printer than for a XL, XXL Printer or an Beginner Printer…,XXL%20Printer,Belt%20printer,Beginner%20Printer,XL%20Printer&hl=en

Ok, in the 90 days view, the XL Printer is ahead on the belt printer but both are much more searched than a beginner Printer (but XL-Printers are also searched by Paper printers, belt printers are heavy related to the 3D printing segment only):,XXL%20Printer,Belt%20printer,Beginner%20Printer,XL%20Printer&hl=en

What makes more sense? Just Bigger or Infinitely long? But ABS, 2 materials and then everything else is gone, even my X1C (at least on my side) - Belt printers run 24/7 so Bambulab cen get 1500 USD from me for this be tomorrow…

But at the moment, every Belt Printer is simply not desinged properly, do not have any networkconection, are absolute user-unfriendly and is slow. So not really wondering way competitors cant sale those machines against the actuel models in standar designe…

And by the way as well: “Bambu Lab - Office in Austin, Texas” is unter the top 3 of growing relevant related searches for “3D printing” during the last 90 days. So properly many sirius persons check Bambulab all the way thrue and as we see on the first trend - much more persons how are in the 3D Printer topic than beginners…

That’s just my opinion, which isn’t always correc…

My guess is the E will be marketed for Enterprise edition?


RGB or CMYK anyone? No more spool changes or 4 individual AMS units and hub.

I thought folks were saying a lot of the models on Maker World still require you to spice separately at a PC?

There is no mention whatsoever regarding the X1E however it’s on PhaserFPV’s website. Is this real? if this is real, talk about a leak, lol. The E refers to engineering in their description.

PhaserFPV is fake, but there are real pictures and video…

Made me feel like I was in good hands honestly. He doesn’t want a quick buck, he wants innovation and progress. Also, of course they have a plan… he said they were constrained yet released 2 printers this year! I feel really good about Bambus direction and plan. I mean look at Prusa, they’re sooooo slow compared to bambu its criminal.

Has this already been exposed Jerry? I can’t seem to find anything apart from the PhaserFPV site.

Thanks Jerry. Hopefully one of the changes they make is with the AMS and make it work more like the Lite, but still enclosed. I’m not too worried about the bed size.

If you bring up a Maker World model from their website or Bambu Studio, you have the option to import it into the slicer. Whereas when you do it from Bambu Handy, it gets sliced and sent to the printer of your choice, that is, if you have that printer.

He obviously knows Bambu users want a larger printer. And it sounds like they have one in the works. They just decided to release this mini first. The mini isn’t meant for Bambu users. It’s meant to get more people into 3D printing. And it will likely fund Bambu R&D and let them work more on the larger printer.

I bought my first 3D printer (P1S) a couple of months ago and I already want a second printer. I will most likely wait for the bigger volume printer and buy one as soon as it is released. In the meantime I will try to not order another P1S w/AMS. If I had to have a second right now, that’s probably what I would get.

If the bigger volume printer ends up being priced more than I want to pay, I would get an improved P1S. I’d like a larger print volume but it wouldn’t kill me to have another one the size of the X1/P1S.

This is an absolutely KILLER of an idea and not sure why BL haven’t thought of this yet! I have my X1C on the official anti-vibration feet. What I didn’t count on is that with all the swaying, the power lead would come loose. So in the middle of the night the printer shut down because the swaying from all the high speed printing caused the power lead to come out of the socket slightly… enough to cut power. When I turned it back on after investigating, it offered to resume the print after a power failure. The printer was never able to align the layers correctly. If the LIDAR was used maybe it could have! Because of this, I lost parts due to tolerance issues. Just a mm of layer shift caused this waste. The LIDAR is under-utilized and your idea should be made into reality.