Speculation about new printer announcements

I bet many of you are happy with the confirmation of the looked-for bigger volume printer and furious that it is still unreleased.


Bambu Lab CEO was quite clear about the upcoming model. It will not be an X1 scale-up but part of their 2nd generation printers so it will include novel tech features under development. The only question is the when.

His speech about the new printer had a different tone and was more assertive, suggesting that he already prepared this announcement. It also clarifies the future path by setting a mark between printer generation, which I interpret as the current generation near the end of the upgradable lifetime with the new A1.

Did anyone listen to the interview? Do you agree, or am I speculating?


For now X1E is coming which is most likely to be a slightly improved X1C (same size but heated chamber and who knows what else).

From latest BambuStudio

./Contents/Resources/config.json: “display_name”: “Bambu Lab X1E”,

Edit: What is kind of known (by looking into Bambu Studio source code) currently is:

  • same size as X1, same bed size
  • heated chamber and chamber fan added
  • hotend up to 330 °C (X1 is up to 300 °C)
  • air filtration system
  • darker case, like P1S colours

Yes. that one is patented and on the way, but I wasn’t aware it would be improved. I thought it was the opposite, as the E usually indicates.

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efficient, extreme, executive etc



It is indeed valid.
With Bambu Lab, I always automatically analogise with their beloved brand (Apple). I.e. iPhone XE and Bambu X1E … in that case, it would be a lower cost model - may be economic, essential. And the special model should use the S.
But you may be right… I was reading the JSON file that @arekxyz (TY) references, which shows a 330ºC extruder.

But for sure, it is not the new generation.


True. I didnt think of that. I hope its either cheaper or drastically better than the x1c. If its the same machine as the leaked photo, its gonna be a mind blower as long is it doesnt require a business loan to buy lol.

It was an assumption, and you are most likely correct; indeed, the E can stand for so many things.

I didn’t see any leaked pictures; can you share them?
When I started the post, I had forgotten entirely about the X1E. I am not considering buying a new printer, and despite the attractiveness of a larger print volume, my use doesn’t justify dealing with inconveniences as the larger OPEX.

I expected the release of improved and bigger printer models based on the X1C to satisfy users’ urges. Yet, I wouldn’t foresee the announcement of 2nd gen of printers so soon (about a year since the x1C release?). I may overthink it, but it was the first time they shared information on their technology development strategy, including product lifecycle.


Listen to cnc kitchen’s (excellent) interview of Dr. Tao. He was very adamant that there is no imminent “X1 XL”. They decided to do the “XL” right, which means they’re taking more time, and it’ll be a 2nd gen printer, meaning not a scaled up X1. So there’s a bit more of a wait for the XL but “not very long” either. Of course he could be bluffing, but that seems pretty unlikely.

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No, above image looks like AI generated ■■■■ (things there make no sense).

X1E has the same look as X1 just P1S colours, see resources/profiles/BBL/Bambu Lab X1E_cover.png in bambu studio source code:


If in official Bambulab studio is mentioned X1E with specific picture, it is hard to ignore those facts in any other assumptions.
It could be stripped cheaper X1C version. Keeping only things what people love - Display. Definitelly plastic body, maybe stainless steel nozzle/extruder. Maybe no Lidar.
XL will be different machine released later.

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Yeah i dont think you will see lidar in anymore of the new models. They have their software dialed in. The A1 was prolly a lab experiment to get it right and now release it to the world.

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Well. I wouldnt be too sure about that. It is great to scan the first layer for defects. Would also be great for skip detection and realignment, you can use it to determine if a bridge didnt work, etc.
I have had already quite a few ideas, unfortunately we do not get the LIDAR data out of the printer.

But I hope we will see it developing much more. Flow Calibration is just the start in my opinion!

You don’t need to have Lidar to skip object on batch print. This feature is for a long time availablbe as Octoprint plugin.

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There mission statement also said no bed slingers though.


I didnt say batch skip detection. What I meant is if a layer shift happens, then the printer could use the LIDAR to precisely realing itself with the existing print. Or when you lose power during print, this could also be done.

Or think about printing in two different orientations. Just flip the print halfway through and use the LIDAR to align both sides, so that printing can continue without any shift. Or adding printed features to non-flat surfaces.

I see so much potential, outside just leveling the bed and doing flow calibration for it and I really hope they keep it and develop it further.

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I wonder if it would be faster for it to just home itself and then return to printing position though.

That is how it is done, but it doesn’t always work. The main problem is the Z movement. If power fails, during a z-hop, it is not possible for the printer to home that axis again. Also, the top layer will have slightly moved due to the cooling of the part.

Or if you print by object, it also does not work, as homing might require you to move across previously printed parts.

My ideas are not fully refined, they were just some random thoughts I had a while ago. After realizing that I can not get the data, I didn’t invest any more thoughts into them :wink: But I am sure that there are some interesting options which could use the LIDAR in the future.

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I agree it would be nice to use the lidar and camera for more things. I saw somewhere, not sure where I was reading, that bambu hired someone for computer vision. I think its here to stay and cant wait until its more useful.

From the interview it’s pretty clear that they hesitated between making an X1 XL and the A1 for a long time. Could well be that they added both into BS and perhaps had prototypes for both going on. So we may never see an X1E…