Noob question on transfer or discard of presets

Hey everyone, I am still learning the software and settings. When I DL a project from Maker world, sometimes i will get you message asking me if want to keep or discard settings. I get confused on which way to go. If I want to keep the settings and presets that I have created, do I discard or transfer? Also, if I just click on open in Bambu Studio, it has all the presets from the designer correct? But If I wanted to use my presets, would I discard or transfer. I have noticed sometimes no matter what I click, some of the designers settings stick. Like one project it would keep the tree supports and I was trying to use regular. I have notice that with speeds too. I have mine slowed down quite a bit and print in silent mode almost all of the time, but some projects are still printing really fast. Should I just do the Raw model files, if I want to use my own settings? I know this is a lot, I am having a little issue understanding on presets and trying to learn how to slice effectively. I have an A1 combo.

In my experience, I would press discard settings. This lets you use your own settings, and not need to worry about weird filament/model settings that the designer used. If you don’t want to worry about this and do not want the popup, you can download the raw model files then drag them into Bambu studio. Also dragging it into Bambu studio just uses the designer’s settings.

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The new settings (on the right side) will be imported once you press save. Otherwise you will keep the old settings .


Thank you for the advise!

Thank you for explaining and the visuals!

Its hardly a Noob question, trust me a lot of people including me are left scratching their head at this choice. It really needs to be worded better.

I agree, I feel like it is trying to confuse me. lol

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Please read "Creating a new project, unsaved changes popup" - changes for clarity. · Issue #3236 · bambulab/BambuStudio · GitHub carefully and comment if you have improvements suggestions

I am so confused by this question every single time.

Can someone explain how this works?

There must be a more simple way to word this.

I assume that if I load up a users file into Bambu studio it also brings along with it that users settings like their printer, their filament and their temp settings.

But the question makes no sense and the answers don’t make sense either.

If i open the file in Bambo studio and I have a different filament and printer that the files settings what should be the sequence when the transfer, discard or save option pops up.

They’ve updated the terminology in the Beta but honestly it still has me second guessing. It literally is toss a coin and then go back because it was wrong sort of thing, they should just keep the current model settings without the popup and if you want to change to a different preset you do it after. My god it can’t be that hard…


So you are working on a project and you’ve changed some of the settings in a preset.
Now you are going to do something else that loads a different preset or re-loads the current preset.

Studio is just asking what to do with those changes?

  • Save a modified version of the original preset (with a different name if it was a system preset), before loading the new preset. Use this if you expect to need this combination of settings in the future.
  • Discard the changes.
  • Load the new preset, but keep (Transfer) the modifications.

Suppose I’ve enabled manual tree supports and gyroid infill for my model and then decide I want thinner layers. If I change from a .20mm Standard preset to a .08 High quality preset, it may also undo my changes.

  • I don’t want to create a new preset, or modify my User preset, so I’ll skip Save.
  • I do want to keep the support and infill settings for this model, so I don’t want to Discard them.
  • Transfer (Use) will load the .08 profile, but make sure that whatever settings the .08 preset includes, I will keep my tree supports and gyroid infill.

It really isn’t that hard…

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Simple as… I get this in theory, but honestly it is way too wordy and the amount of times I make the wrong choice even after reading makes me think there is a problem somewhere (yeah its me, but I see this come up a lot still). Its like a phone book, lots of words but not much of a story.

I open a 3mf, I have made the decision to do something new. The new model should have the correct settings intact as thats one of the concepts of the format. But no, now I have to read down a list of settings that have or will be changed. It doesn’t even let me tick a box to remember my default choice.

If after opening the 3mf in original form that the layer height and infill isn’t to my liking, I either change that particular setting or go for one of my presets.

In my opinion choice is a wonderful thing, but in this case it is confusing, annoying, and frustrating. Not user friendly :slight_smile:

The question offers different choices, depending on the circumstances.

When you load a .3mf with a project already on the plate, the query appears before the new .3mf is loaded and it is not asking about the new settings. It’s about preserving changes made to the current preset. The settings shown are NOT from the new .3mf file and will not be loaded with the new project. They are the values in the current preset and the changes you made while working on the old project. And you only get two choices, save to a preset or discard.

Whichever choice you make, the new .3mf settings are going to be loaded.

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