Notifications stopped working

Not sure when it started but I noticed I’m not getting any notifications on my phone via the Handy app. Only when I open it to the printer, then I can see if there’s a message like filament not loading, print cancelled or completed messages.

I did some printing yesterday for the first time in a week or so. I had several successful prints, an automatic pause for spaghetti, cancelled and paused a couple prints manually.

I controlled the printer with Handy (v1.2.0) and Studio at different times on both my PCs and Android phone. No problems with the connection.

I received NO notifications on the phone at all. No notification of the spaghetti problem, which led to a two hour delay before I became aware of the issue. No notification of the successful prints.

It used to work.

I just checked and found that Version 1.2.5 for Android was released in the Play Store July 6. I don’t know why it did not update automatically. I’ve downloaded it and logged in again (it forgot my username/password). I don’t know yet if the new version will fix the problem.

I’m running IOS version 1.1.1 of the Handy app and am on firmware version on the printer. The slicer version is I get notifications for print finished, errors while printing and I think I saw one for first layer inspection yesterday but can’t guarantee it. I get print cancelled and print failed notifications when I manually stop a print due to my lack of attention to detail.

I uninstalled/reinstalled the app. Now, I get some notifications when the print is completed but still nothing when there’s an issue like AMS not being able to feed because the filament got tangled to the side of the spool.

Same here, last message was on July 9th. Tried to uninstall and install the app, did not solve it.

If i look under messages in the app, I only see the last message I received on the 9th.

Same here I only get notifications when the print is finished. I use to get notifications when there was any kind of error. I check Android notifications settings and Handy have everything allowed.

It’s pretty sad that this is still not working as of early 2024.