Obervation with the auto refil feature


I just loaded two filament rolls in my AMS. Both are yellow, Bambu lab filament rolls. The AMS recongnises them. If i look in the Auto refil page it shows this.

There is a group, but for some reason it only shows one of the rolls. I have another color which works fine. On the printer display it shows exactly the same.

Any thougths? Or have I run into a bug.

They have to be the same type, like both basic, or both matte etc.

Also note it’s not particular about the order for a group. I had Auto set to something like A3 and C4. When the next job started, it loaded C4 (full reel) when A3 was down to about a third. I didn’t particularly like that, but it is what it is. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

You can choose the exact slot is uses when the print job starts, although I can see how that if you’re starting jobs automatically or managing multiple printers, you may not be able to do this.

That works if you remove the Auto beforehand. Otherwise, when you start a print job that already has A3 selected as the color and you have Auto set, it still started on my full reel (C4). As far as it’s concerned, it’s the same reel. The Auto Change doesn’t work like you think. For me, it doesn’t work at all. As I recall, the Auto symbol shows it can start anywhere with the arrows in a continuous circle.

Is this an ams lite?

For me the ams has always started on the specifically selected slot, even with auto reload.

Edit at least with a single AMS unit. I just noticed you implied theree were 3 connected.

Yes, I have four AMS units. And no, they aren’t the Lite. I had not tried using the auto fill for a reel within the same AMS. That’s worthless for me. I’m glad it works for you.