Occasional alert for clogged extruder while using AMS


I recently started to have occasional problems with filament changes on color prints. The issue happens randomly. While printing, at a random color change, the filament reaches the extruder, it is detected by the filament sensor, but then, instead of heating to 240 degrees and purging the old color, it stays in 220 degrees (the printing temperature) and retracts the filament back to the AMS. It then repeats the same procedure, generally failing in a similar manner, and then gives an error, stating that the extruder is clogged.

However, it isn’t clogged at all. If I pause the print and give the command to change color, it often is able to change the color eventually, as the filament is able to ooze freely, if it is heated to 240 degrees. I don’t know why it doesn’t work sometimes.

I print with PLA, with the door open and the inside temperature is aroun 36-38 degrees, which should be fine.

Any suggestions how to fix this random problem?


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