Only 3 stars review allowed?

I got a review today from someone who printed my model using my print profile.
The model and print profile mostly get 5 star reviews. This user was also very happy with the model, but stated he was only allowed to give a 3 star review.

This is the second time I have heard this statement.

BambuLab, please le me know what is going on. Is this a bug?

If you don’t have a successful print from start-to-finish according it can’t be rated more than 3.

Unfortunately this applies even in silly cases like the AMS jams up retracting at 100% printing so you just hit cancel instead of retry. I’ve done that a few times and been unable to rate 5 (so I just don’t rate at all in those cases)


I can somewhat understand that. But the guy in my example said it printed out without any issues…

He says BBL told him he didn’t print the file, but he obviously did.

I had a similar comment left yesterday that said “would rate it 5 but says I didn’t have a successful print but i did WTF”. The photo they posted also looked like it completed just fine.



It happens a lot, there is a bug, when you click on retry (on the printer), the previous print count as failed (max 3 stars) and the retry print is not counted as a print, so the system through there was only one failed print.

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I’ve had to leave 3 star reviews on things that should be 5 stars as well. I have two printers and I usually “send plate” to them while they are busy printing other things. Then once they are free, I select the print from the touch screen and print them. Every time I do this, I can’t rate them above a 3 since it’s not directly printed from the app. Very frustrating as I don’t want to have all those projects waiting to slice and send them one at a time.


Instead of leaving 3 stars when you think 5 is appropriate, it would make more sense not to rate at all - because every rating below 4 stars reduces the profile creator’s chance of getting points.


If that’s what you think is best then no more stars for any model from me. Thanks for the feedback. I always rate and tell them it should be a 5 as it’s not my fault Bambu doesn’t allow the review.


I agree. The best thing would be for BBL to fix this issue.

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Fully agree with what ThreeD-Michael says, its far better to just not review instead of leaving a 3 stars as if a profile drops below 4 stars you stop getting points for it.

Bambu really needs to work on the rating system.


We will contact Boston about what happened.
Especially whether it is the case mentioned by @moonrakerone

For now, you may “Report” this rating and we will take it down.

We verified that when a printing job got paused, and then click “Retry” to recover/continue the printing job, the job will be marked as success.

I want to confirm that when you mentioned “Retry”, which one do you mean

  1. resume a paused print job, and let it finish the remaining parts
  2. re-print a previous failed print job from the printer’s SD card or Internal Storage

I can’t rate some prints because of the above. I have the prints right before me, but still it said that only completed prints can give higher star ratings

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I feel stupid when I try to rate. Sometimes it tells me I need to print successfully to give five stars, somtimes it says I had allready rated and my rating would be updated.
And one time when I uploaded pictures of my print I wished to check if they where stored. Because there existed allready about 180 other ratings I had to click a lot of times to go to then end, where I expected my rating. I did not find it.

So, how many people wont rate at all, because it is too complicated?

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This is a real issue, I am hesitant to take the time to “rate” anything anymore.

I have a couple prints where it had noting to do with the print profile, but my printer/filament so I hit cancel. The print failed for those reasons, not the profile.

At that point the print model is now on the printer storage, so I can just start the print again there and it’s 100% successful. When I go to rate 5 stars it wont let me rate it at all because it says I haven’t had a successful print? I take time to write up comments and add photos then it prevents me from rating.

I get what is trying to be achieved, but the system needs some improvement.

Does it show a successful print in the print history? I usually re-slice and resend the print from Studio instead of reprinting from the printer .I think I can rate this file higher since I have completed prints even though the first one was cancelled (wrong plate).

STILL an issue… I deleted the 3-star rating it forced on me.

It seems you have successfully rated the design with 5 stars now.

We are checking the reason why you cannot rate a 5 stars in the above picture even if there is already a successful print history, and will optimize it in the next update. Thanks for telling us.

I have noticed that if I send a print job from my computer and something goes wrong and I stop it. And then hit reprint on the printer and it completes succesfully, the system doesn’t recognize it anymore.

So although it completed just fine after hitting reprint on the printer, the system only records the failed attemtp.

This in turn doesn’t allow a higher rating since it has no record of the succesfull print.

It happened to me on this print: OUTATIME Replica Licence Plate from Back To The Future by Studio 727 - MakerWorld

As you can see I made a print profile for it and posted a picture of the completed print, but I can’t rate the model more then 3 stars because I have no succesfull print according to makerworld system.