Opportunity to join our X1 firmware beta test

So we are looking to expand our group of beta testers for the X1 series firmware. Things to consider before asking to join the Beta program are listed below.

To join the Beta Testing Program, you will need to have a Bambu Lab Forum account, which is the same account used to log in to your printer.

Join the Beta Testing Program only if you can afford to encounter some small firmware problems and issues. Do not join if you use the machine for production, and you depend on it. Small bugs present in the Beta Firmware might create problems during your workflow and might take some time to fix.

If you join the Beta Testing Program, please take your time to properly report the bugs according to the example bug report shared. This will provide the developers with all the information required to solve the problem fast and in an efficient manner.

Users can exit the beta program at any time, and revert to the previous production firmware, on request.

The information shared in the Beta Testing group will remain private, and will not be shared publicly.

If you have more than 1 X1 printer all of them on your account will be offered the firmware update. If you wish only 1 to get the firmware update to consider creating a separate account for that printer. Another option is not to let it install the update on other machines if you only want it on 1 of your printers.

If you are OK with that, please follow the link and fill out the form.

Sign up is closed for this round


Is this beta test for just the X1 or does it include the X1C as well ?

There are subtle differences between the 2 machines as you know

If this beta firmware includes the X1C I’ll play and do my best to try and help

X1 Series all use the same firmware.


Copy that

Count me in

I’ll set it up tonight after work so long as it’s another 16 hour day of wrenching in the field while I’m on call lol

Either way I’ll fill everything out as soon as I’ve got a minute to breathe and will be more than happy to help beta test any changes made


Question, can the potential problems that could occur have an effect on a print? Meaning will it be possible that a print fails due to a bug in the firmware?

I don’t mind bugs as long as I don’t end up wasting filament because of them. Unless you’re willing to supply the filament.


Just a heads up

Absolutely a firmware bug has the potential to ruin a print or even potentially damage your printer

If you aren’t prepared for those issues then beta testing is not for you

When I sign up its knowing full well that any filaments used or even damage to my printer is all on me

I’m sure if something happens like the print head digs into the bed and bends the nozzle or damages the build plate the BL team will step up but if you don’t have lots of spare parts and lots of filament to spare on hand you might want to reconsider


I’m signed up, ready to get to work!

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Filled out the forms and hopefully will be chosen.

Ready to contribute.

OK, I’ll offer to be a guinea pig. I hope there’s not too many sharp needles.

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Let me find my haystack full of needles quickly!


Count me in if more users are needed.

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@SirWill - You might put that the round is closed in bold so it is seen. People tend to see what they want to see, LOL.

Anyone already got a notification if they are in the beta group?

First rule of Fight Club…

When is the next beta signup?

I would love to be in the next beta.

I am a software developer. I would like to be in the beta

This should be made an option straight from the printer itself. On the firmware update page it should have 2 options. Tested and beta. Beta should trigger a warning screen.

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Don’t see this. Maybe you have to be in the beta group already to get these options.

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