P1 Series Beta Firmware signup

Another round of Beta Firmware signup this time for P1 Series. If you have a P1 Series printer and would like to be a part of our firmware beta testing team please fill out the signup at this link.


Nice! I was just asking about this yesterday. Signed up!

Are we going to be able to tell what changes have been made for this beta? It would be good to know, so that we can test any features/fixes

I think with the privat Forum Access you will be able to See the changes

Is it too late to sign up for this? I just noticed this was technically for last month, but wanted to sign up today.

Can i still sign up?

When will be next round of accepting beta users?

Good question. I was wondering the same thing.

This is absolutely intransparent. 10 days ago BL said about the P1 firmware „coming soon“, then the updated handy app has a beta switch, mine says „you have joined the beta program“ but nothing is appearing. No info, no news. Filled out this form in this topic too.

Might be, that we all are in some sort of queue?
Really annoying

Yes It is a little bit confusing… I applied in the Form and did Not get Access to the forum.

Then i applied in Handy App and nothing happend again.

After a while i got a new FW…but No Access to the Beta Forum…i thought that must be a stable Version but IT IS the Beta FW



There wasn’t really a mention of gaining access to the beta forum upon gaining access to the beta in the app. (Specifically saying that we’ve “joined the beta”, not necessarily having firmware access)
Personally, I’d like to know if we’ll gain access to the forum once we get the firmware, if it’s on a queued basis? How will they handle the forum for beta users moving forward if the beta applications are just going to be an in-app switch rather than a formal application?

Perhaps the beta forum will go “public” and opting into the beta will be similar to other software where you’re just “downloading beta software/firmware” rather than being in a closed group of testers?

Ah. So you already got a beta.

I wonder what you have done that I did not do?

My plans are to burn a can of bambu sprouts in the backyard during full moon, chanting ubmab ubmab (Bambu backwards…)

Who is the poor bambu employee, who has to acknowledge 9500 beta request by hand

I am a bit spoiled by Apple betas for example. You flic the beta switch and within seconds are a beta tester. Done.

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Honestly i have done nothing…Just fill Out the Form and applied via App

I was suprised when i found Out IT IS a Beta…and Not s stable Version

Btw Beta Forum ist still blocked for me :woozy_face:

Anyone gain access to beta firmware this week ?

Nope. 12 Days since Signup and no Firmware offer for me until now…

I signed up around the same time and got access to the beta for P Series last night (01.05). Installed and all seems to be working fine after 5 prints. I also joined the beta program via the handy app, not sure if that helps to get access.

Still do not have access to the beta forum so maybe signing up via the app rather than the forum gave me the update

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I joined the Beta via the Handy app maybe 10 days ago. I have power cycled my P1S loads of times and have waited, left beta, power cycled and reentered beta, changed my networks DNS from Adguard to ISP default and I havent seen the update notification pop up in Handy or on my printer yet?

Does Bambu not want people in Australia testing the Beta or something?

Same for me in the netherlands. i’m seeing on reddit lots of people getting the update so i’m guessing its locked per region or something. Nothing to do but just wait patiently.

I had signed up for the beta do we know when the software will push to the device?