X1/X1c Beta Testing time

@sirwill I certainly won’t be a beta tester, but I’ll note the following:

Maintenance work cannot be acknowledged in offline mode of the X1.

Auxiliary Fan control.

Does it make sense to get any update at all? How much risk is behind an Update? DJI, Bambulab Studio goes also unauthorized online to get the newest Makerworld Ideas as well……? Why add more network options with the X1E on a printer whiche anyway never will by allowed to go into a network anyway?

Orca Slicer is not your competitor, I think they help you so that other buyers don’t ignore you.

In additional and by the way:

There would be no alternative to the glass door, you don’t have to worry about breaking it when unscrewing it - it can’t open 180°.

The entire Directexdruder should by detached with 4 screws. To screws in this box, you don’t really want that at all.

Mining the external feed at the back isn’t really good.

Higher quality AMS - TPU

Faster Mainternace accessibility.

Z-Axe Grease.

Lidare Replacement and everything else forgotten for long-term operation of a Bambulab printer…

and so on…

I’m not mad, but praise won’t get you to the next level. Otherwise, it will end like with Cryality or Prusa. One big hit, a littel tightening up and then standing still for 10 years in self-realization. I personally like criticism of my work more than as praise it to heaven, because that’s the only way to get me into the further.

To stand between the Western and the Asian world, you have all the understanding in the world of me :wink: You’re doing well, so don’t take it personally… but you have taken the position - so tough on the matter, gentle on the persoan.


When is the beta test starting?


Great news this new oportunity to try beta firmwares. When beta rollout start?

1.8.0 beta for bambu studio software (I understand this is firmware related but thought I would share) > https://github.com/bambulab/BambuStudio/releases

Nice to help on the software side as well.

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Will there be a P1S beta testing program? I’d love to help test new firmware, I have extensive beta testing history.

Funny you should ask… P1 Firmware testing was just announced.


Nice! Thank you for sharing!

Has anyone received the invitation? I’m not sure if I submit the form correctly

I never got any confirmation but suddenly my printer wanted to upgrade so I did that. I didn’t even realize that was a beta until later on.

If you’re in, you will have access to the beta section in the forum.

Thank you. Perhaps I haven’t been selected this time (I’ve participated in other BambuLab betas). We’ll keep waiting.

I still have to add something.


I know that many people love Makerworld and everyone should decide for themselves. And if you like it everthing is fine… But, it can’t be that people who don’t want to are forced into it - and that will be the main reasons why I will leave Bambulab one day.

Here is the complains:

Without installing an app that puts Makerworld upload in the foreground, it is not possible to:

  • Download software or hardware updates
  • To get a support ticket
  • Get rid of maintenance steps on Bambulab Printers

Why this is the main reason why I will leave Bambulab one day. When it comes to things like this, a company shows its true face. Ok, I know that in business life are tough battles - that’s exactly why it’s better to rely on companies that give and then receive trust (to turn a eye blind at times) and to leave those who don’t radiate it as quickly as possible at the first opportunity… of course they will make more sales but the slump will come, sometimes it just takes 10-20 years.

I think there are currently a lot of creative developers in 3D printing who are doing very good work… but at the moment there are hardly any people who can then further develop the company which is behind the printer. That will also change in the home area in the next 10 years… Time will solfe this anyway…


X1C printers do not require any app to update firmware. It can be done from LCD. P1* - not sure about these but I think it also tells you about firmware being available and if you want to flash it.

Support tickets can fully be done via web interface: Sign In - Bambu lab

Maintenance steps - from LCD on X1C. No idea about P1* - it never told me to do any maintenance steps on LCD so far.


Without a Makerworld account you won’t get a support ticket. As long as I am not logged in with an app, there will be no update messages on the printer as well as you can`t get them at all and you can not deleat any maintenance steps as well…

Even if you use your link, you get this:

Markerworld is mandatory for Bambulab printers - I will by more than happy to be corrected on that point.

That’s generic bambu account. It existed way before even bambu thought about creating makerworld. For example my account was created when doing first order at their shop.

And they use single auth system for all their projects. So you don’t have separate account for each system. Bambu uses the same account for their shop, support tickets, computer app, mobile app, makerworld etc, etc.

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This thread has become absurd.


Ok you are right, I stop on that :+1: Not my problem at all :wink:

It’s so absurd that even independent Swiss state media are reporting in prime time on the increasing use of Advatars to advertise Chinese products in China. You can still recognize them because they can’t eat or change clothes… and one of the 15 that I can’t get rid of on aliexpress is Anycube.

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I was able to make a support ticket without an account. For what it’s worth.

And I totally get your point of view. I do think Bambu Labs is sensitive to user’s preferences. If this kind of big brother approach to their system tuns off enough users, I do feel they will change it. That’s the feeling I get, which is why I finally bought an X1. They seem like they listen and respond.

The closed and tightly controlled system was certainly a big concern for me as in the past it has been a problem. In particular when a company goes out of business and their clouds disappear leaving useless hardware bricks behind.

I’ll apply for the Beta testing. Maybe a little late, but after having to baby-sitting a farm of Enders for far too long and now using an X1 for a few days, I’m a believer!

I have applied for both the X1 and P1 betas and gotten no response for days. I assume the betas are full?

I’m an engineer. I’m one of those odd persons who enjoys testing new things. For me, it’s fun. I’ve flashed firmware on literally thousands of devices, most of which cost between $1000 and $10,000. While firmware updates do sometimes have their issues, the overwhelming majority are successful and uneventful. Almost everyone has something they do for free, just because they enjoy doing it.

FWIW, one of my first firmware fails was nearly 30 years ago. On a brand new motherboard. I bought a device programmer and a few blank PLCC firmware hubs. I manually loaded the firmware onto the FWH and replaced the one on the motherboard. Success! I’ve never looked back.

Uh… I see the buttons for Makerworld, but I’ve never uploaded anything and rarely visit. It’s like advertisements on just about every website you’ll ever visit. Yes, they’d like you to click on them, but it’s not required.

Bambu Lab has been in business two years. Yes, 2 years. They’re growing, and there will be growing pains. But they adapt quickly, they listen to their customers and they are actively working to improve their customer support. But they’re a for-profit company.

We’ve all seen printer companies that are more-or-less open source, but much of that is because they make modified versions of already open sourced equipment designs. And that’s great for an emerging industry, but it’s not a great long-term strategy for most. That’s why the restaurant industry is well known for “secret” recipes. Why don’t they contribute to the common good by donating their recipes? Maybe it has something to do with staying viable. Making a profit. Or maybe they just don’t trust us. Who knows? But that’s just something that businesses do.

I’ll leave Bambu Lab too, someday. But it’s because I won’t live forever. lol