P1P and MQTT

I searched, and saw a lot of info on mqtt + X1, but I saw very little on the P1P.

  • Is the mqtt server on the P1P accessible?
  • If so, what port (1883 or 8883)?
  • If so, is there a username/password like there is now on the X1?

Would like to dump the MQTT data into node-red and see if there is anything interesting I can use it gfor.

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There’s lots of info about this over on the Home Assistant forums, but I don’t think it’s summarized nicely in any single post:
Bambu Lab X1 X1C MQTT - Configuration - Home Assistant Community (home-assistant.io)

I might as well sum up a few things from the other thread for you:

It’s accessible, port 1883, I don’t think there’s a username/password currently but a firmware update is going to add those as well as TLS. They will be the same username / password pattern as with the X1.

The server doesn’t like when you connect to certain topics and will kick you out. This post might help: Bambu Lab X1 X1C MQTT - #191 by RyanEwen - Configuration - Home Assistant Community

There are commands mentioned throughout the linked thread, however you can also clone Bambu Studio from GitHub and search the code for the MQTT commands it uses.


Spectacular - thanks!!!

It was the default topics that were killing the for me when trying it out in MQTT Explorer.

it also runs with the p1p with restrictions, with a little time it will get even better…


Have you some more details on how you connect the P1P to HA? I went with nodeRed but cannot connect to the P1P actually.

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Any luck getting this to work already? @frontholz

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I use this with success:
greghesp/ha-bambulab: A Home Assistant Integration for Bambu Lab Printers (github.com)

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Thanks for sharing. Will check that out.

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Hello, one question to this topic
Os there any way to. Load and unload filament with mqtt?
I take a Look Here But its Not availibe or?
Is it possible to ge the information that an unload is triggered?
Why i ask this. I have ams But ams Do Not work. With tpu. If we can get triggert of unload we can use maybe a esp an an extra system. With Motor to load tpu on the splitter. But at first we need Information from the system. That unload is requestet. Then we need to triggert load that the tpu on the splitter is moved in by a ow system which we can develop to load the tpu and then we again have to get unload Information to pull back the tpu.

Hello, I’m able to send files to my P1 printer using FTP but I don’t know which MQTT command use to start printing. Any help?

This is a pretty nice summary of the mqtt interface:

I guess what you are looking for is print.gcode_file or print.project_file. I haven’t tested the specific commands myself though. Only played with print.gcode_line for a simple gcode cli and that works as described in the document.