P1P from China is region limited, WIFI only works in China?


I really appreciate it if someone could have a solution for this. I’m trying to buy P1P from a local reseller that will import it from China, but the supplier in China told the local reseller that all P1P in China are region limited, and Wifi cannot be used outside China.

So What solution do I have ??

Does the P1P have an Ethernet port to which I can connect a cable?
Or can I update the firmware to unlock this restriction so I can connect to it through WIFI

Your help is greatly appreciated



There is no Ethernet port on P1P or P1S available…

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It was good of the seller to warn you about the issues of importing a Bambu printer from the Chinese domestic market. Others have not been warned. Bambu has global distribution so there are many other places you can import a Bambu printer from that won’t have issues with the China region lock. You have been warned.


This topic is really interesting. I’m curious about what they meant by “restricted.” In a nutshell, based on my own experience working in the networking appliance world, my company had to design certain restrictions in the firmware. However, this wasn’t about censorship; it had more to do with how different countries allocate their commercial radio frequency spectrum. I remember that in Brazil, for instance, we couldn’t use specific frequencies because they would interfere with other broadcasting components, which was different from what most developed countries were doing.

I’m curious whether the issue in China is related to frequency or if it’s censorship. If it’s a frequency matter, it might just be due to the initial firmware setup being different. Typically, the way it worked was that the device would start by scanning all frequencies, and then the algorithm would make an educated guess about your location. During the setup process, you’d be asked to enter your region of the world. Once set, we usually didn’t allow users to change it, but that was mostly for technical support reasons rather than imposing restrictions.

Considering that Bambu requires connecting to external servers for account setup, it makes you wonder if the Chinese government imposes restrictions on IT devices communicating with servers outside of their control in the People’s Republic of China.

Does any one know or remember when one sets up the initialization if it asked you what country you were in? I ask because that’s usually when the frequencies are locked into the Wi-Fi.

Does anyone know of an external way to upgrade the firmware without calling back to the mothership? I looked for one out of curiosity and it was one of the glaring omissions for support. I consider it a poor design to not allow for manual updating, especially if it’s the Wi-Fi you’re trying to upgrade/recover. Either way, that might be a back door to make a Chinese Bambu Printer into a Western Printer.

It does


But I assume the Chinese version doesn’t have this menu, although the reseller told me the menu is in English… interesting … Why would the Chinese version have the menu in English if it isn’t intended for export ???

Obviously we can’t know precisely what goes on in the factory but if they are following the trend I see with many Chinese manufacturers, if one produce a global product in English, it almost guarantees a “globalized” product and ensures that one only need to manage one set of “SKUs”.

I do chuckle whenever I see “Others” I guess the African Continent just can’t get any respect from tech. :rofl:

My guess is that the Language selection is a global variable and isn’t dependent on location. Also this is a screen shot lifted from the Release notes. It has nothing to do with your question.

I think it has to do with difference in certification for that given area. “Others” probably has the least restrictions? Would be interesting to bind a printer/account to “Others” and see if the Wi-Fi signal strength is any different. You might have to use a vpn for Studio to link correctly?


Im going to buy bambu lab x1c with ams from china. To be honest i dont care about WiFi so much although it is a neat feature.
Apart from WiFi connection, will the printer work with sd card and will it connect to PC?
Additionally, some people say you can overcome this with Chinese phone number is that true?

The other issue is that you won’t be able to update the firmware. Depending on what the printer ships with means that you might be stuck with something lower than 1.7 which means no noise reduction.


that is quite an issue. but cant we install updates from PC ?. and do you think china phone number will work

There is the X1plus community firmware. do you think it will be installable if it is published ?

You cannot currently install updates from a PC, they have to be installed via WIFI. I’m not sure if this also stops you from trying to install the X1Plus firmware. What is the reason you are buying a printer/ams from China?


it is half the price of our country dealer even after shipping, costums taxes. and we are buying more than one.

Well I guess you are going to figure out what works and what doesn’t.


we will buy one anyways and test the functionalty of the printer. we might get away with a vpn and a chinese phone number for software updates. WiFi is quite a useful feature but we are ok without it. i just hope Ai camera functionalty is not tide to WiFi. im afraid the analysis for failure detection is done in cloud.

I don’t see how local LAN could be deactivated but if it actually is, your PC will not connect as the only way to connect to the printer is via Wifi. So if it’s the case, no file sent to printer, no camera feed, no monitoring, no AI to be received but again I doubt local LAN will not work.