P1P->P1S Upgrade: Only Panels Kit?

So I upgraded my two P1Ps to have everything that’s inside the P1P->P1S conversion kit… except the panels. It’s no really an option buying them separately since the total price will be ~150€ where the conversion kit is at 160€.

So… will there be a panels-only kit for the P1P for an equivalent discount?

Otherwise I’d wait until the conversion kits are available again, which aren’t since months :frowning:

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I would then buy the complete kit, if you want to print other filamet . And everything closed is nice because of dust and such.
You will have spare parts right away.

As said, whenever they will be available again :frowning:
I also do hope in reduced noise levels.

I’m giving up on this after the last “preorder”.

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After waiting 3 months and seeing them continuously pushing the preorders for each on the panels back, I broke down and wasted the extra money on the kit. Not sure how long I would have been waiting if I waited for the panels only. I have a feeling that they are fulfilling the kit orders before they offer out the panels alone. So be aware, you could be waiting for a while. I know… it definitely sucks they would make those who invested in the platform first wait the longest, but it is what it is.

If only I could place an order for the kits…

The site said one could do so on October 24th, I had the site open and basically refreshed like every 10 minutes until night. Then waking up 3AM next day and finding that it’s sold out.

I’ve noticed they seem to refresh the inventory at 6:00PST/9:00EST. It’s no guarantee but I’ve noticed it a couple of times. So, on Nov 10th try at that time for the full kit, or check on Nov 15th for the panels separately. But note, I still have never seen the separate panels actual go on sale yet (they always get pushed back). But I will admit, after closely watching the site on the release dates for a couple of months and then breaking down and buying the kit, I didn’t keep a close eye on it for the last two release dates.