P1P scratch on infill pattern

Hi everyone,
in the last two days I have had a problem with the infill… at every print the printer scratch into the infill while printing.
I attach a photo of a stopped printer to explain it better
I’ll try to auto-calibrate a couple of times but nothing…



Hi , there are some points if the nozzle scratches the infill :

  1. Sometimes normal with grid infill and to much flow (not your case)
  2. Something is loose (Printhead / Heatbed)
  3. Z Bending or the Z axis ist not working right. That means different or wrong layerhight

Maybe something like this . First I would check another infill type . But the picture looks like the nozzle is extremely rubbing . So in this case it’s more like 1 or 2

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Mine does that too. Knocks prints loose

Do you have a problem from the first layer or from the start of the infill like me?

I reduce the speed to silent mode and the print looks better, but the nozzle still scratches the infill pattern

Mostly just on infill. Slowing the speed down helps prevent failure but the nozzle still hits the print.

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Same thing, I slowed and the print looks perfect but I can’t slow down every print… otherwise I bought a Prusa :grimacing:


Exactly. With how many failed prints I’ve been getting on my P1P, all related to the speed, I’ve considered a Prusa. Sadly the prints I care most about end up just going on my $75 Ender 3 instead of the $750 P1P

I have had an Ender 3 pro before and I change because of too much calibration needed every time to have the perfect print…
I was undecided about the P1P and the Prusa but at the same price this is a core XY and promises almost no calibration, so I take this… I hope to resolve the problem

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What material are you printing with? There are a few things i would check:

  • Calibrate flow rate (there are plenty of quick prints for this)
  • Reduce speed or increase temperature (Some of your infill seems ripped due to filament not melting completely and thus not adhering to the previous layer and getting ripped apart)
  • As others have mentioned try a different infill pattern, i personally like gyroid.

Just my 2 cents, hope it helps.

Also, not every filament is made equal, especially when you are pushing speed limits. So your results might be much better with a different brand.

the photo refers to a PETG. I try the rectilinear pattern cause I see that print infill only in one direction for layer, but had the same result.

Today I try PLA and the prints look perfect also in sport mode… so I exclude printer mechanics.

At this moment I’m trying another type of PETG with different settings.

I’ll update here after print


I also had this, but I can say it only happens with no bambu filament in my case. I also slowed down the print and set the temp higher, it helped with the flow.

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I have the same problem but no solution till now. Nothing helps

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I try to contact the Bambulab support but nothing yet…

Hi, can you explain, how you want to calibrate the flow rate manual at the P1P?

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I asked about nozzle bend that occured due to scraping infill and eventually impacting print and knocking it off the bed… here was bambu’s reply:

In your situation, the best solution would be to ensure that the model is well adhered to the print surface. If needed, to add some glue stick to help with that, and increase heatbed temperature.

Besides that, for PLA+, you need to use a temperature of about 230C for good flow rate. This should help with the flow to ensure that the extrusion is correct.

Finally, you can also switch to an infill like Gyroid which is not intersecting lines like the default one.

Same as any other printer, there are a lot of models/methods to do this.

Here’s a link to a model with some explanation in the description.

Simply adjust the flow rate in your filament profile according to your needs. (Default is usually between 0.9 and 1) adjust in 0.03 increments untill you have the desired thickness.

Let me know if you have any questions


Thank you, i now tested every infill. The nozzle scratches at every infill typ, but not at Gyriod.


Hi, did you solved the Problem?

hi, no…
I have better results with higher layer height but I need to print some parts at 0.1 and I have no solution…

I print it with an ender3, more time but I’ve complete it without a problem

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The same error occurs with me.
Has already pushed me various models from the print bed.

I am now testing out different flow rates.
Think it could be related to the fact that too much material comes out of the nozzle.