P1P send files to Printer does not work

We use P1P and X1

At P1P we can’t send files to printer SD (works fine with X1)

Is this a bug - or a missing feature?

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I’m having the problem with the P1P too.
Got my P1P yesterday, did the Firmware update. Logged P1P, Handy and Computer out from Bambu Account and reconnected all, but still can’t send any files to printer over LAN.
Error message is: ‘The printer does not support sending to printer SD card

Since many years I’m used to send my printfiles over LAN to my printers (DUET mainboard), so please Bambu team, do it right and activate the feature for the P1P (and maybe some file managment with folders?)


Same Problem here with P1P

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Im having the same problem with my new p1p. Is there a fix?

Sending to SD card on p1p is only supported on firmware 1.03.0 which has not been released yet (currently they are on 1.01)

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Where did you get this info from?

Hi, now the question is popping out when this 01.03 version will be available? Why you have this and we don‘t :grinning:

Are you a software engineer from Bambu Lab?

It’s been a couple of weeks. Any update on this?

Looks like the latest firmware allows “sending” to the P1P’s SD card over the network, but you can’t see the contents of the SD card remotely (from Bambu Studio) and you can’t start prints from the SD card remotely. So not really very useful.


@stewart, it’s useful for someone like me. My printer is located one floor below the root where my desk is. So now I can send the sliced model to the printer, then going down, insert the needed filament (have no AMS) and start the print from the printer.
But I agree, at least the option to start a print from files on SD card via Bambu Handy would be very nice and useful. :slightly_smiling_face:

P1P cannot send scanned activation code from printer to anywhere. What is the fix?