P1P sticking Problems

Hey Guys,

i have an Problem with my new P1P.
I got it 3 days ago, and the firsts prints looks fantastic (Banshee, some little technical clips and and moveable crocodile).
I changed my filament to geeetech pla 1.75 in black, and the first little things (without supports) works also ok.
But then i want to print a poop shoot for the p1p which needed supports. the first layers look ok, but suddenly the printed tree supports loosing contact to the heat bed and fall.
This destroy the hole print.

After many trys, with many different options and swichback to the bambu standard filament, nothing get better.
Even if i change the object to print(without supports too) the print loosing contact.

And Yes, i have changed the Filament Options after filament change.
And i cleaned the pei properly.

Since this is my first 3D Printer, i have no idea what to do :slight_smile:

Please help


I know you’ve said you cleaned the bed, but try isopropyl alcohol and gently scrub the bed with a cloth. The alcohol will de-grease and the cloth will remove the residue. A heated bed should work fine after that, assuming you’re using PET, PLA or TPU and the temperature is hot enough (60-75ish Celsius).

Thank you for youre quick answere :slight_smile:
I used isopropyl to clean the bed :confused: the problem is not solved pittyli

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Try a calibration plate to find the K value for the filament you’re using. After Bambu Studio upgraded the K value was lost (for me) and I got blobs and sticking issues. Run the plate test and see what K value looks best for you - use that and see if sticking is resolved.


Hey ovendoor,

how can i run the calibration plate test?
Where did i find it?

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Ok, i found an manual to calibrate the flow rate.
Regarding to my calibration plate, my k value is 0.020.

But this value is the same as the value which was configured before.

Any other ideas ?

Just a guess… in the slicer did you choose the correct print plate type (which should be textured PEI if you’re using the original stuff which came with the P1P)? This way, the display should read a heatbed temp of 65C which works perfectly for me (also having used tons of Geeetech PLA).
IMO, Geeetech PLA sticks very good to the textured PEI sheet which you already carefully cleaned using IPA.
You may want to try applying a thin layer of gluestick onto the sheet? The standard products should work fine and will increase stickiness when heated (and lose this property when cooling down afterwards). I only use it when printing eSun ABS as an intermediate layer as the first test print did really stick like hell.


I’ve had a cheap matte that worked great on the Ender 3 v2 but I’ve not been able to get the same quality from the P1P regardless of settings or K value. The matte that Bambu Lab sells just worked perfectly right out of the box. Perhaps ditch the geeetech and try something else? Other than that I’m out of ideas - sorry.

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What brand? I have some overture that is making me rip my hair out. I would love to try the Bambu kind but it’s out of stock.

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The stuff that didn’t work for me on the P1P but did on the Ender was esun ePLA Matte. Whatever brand Bambu Lab is pushing as their matte is great - I’ve the white and black and they both work fantastic on heated bed.


I have the P1P same too and is my first printer, because the filaments are out of stock in the BambuLab store EU. I use Sunlu meta pla without issues and with the AMS.

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I’ve noticed the Bambu Studio uses the ‘cool plate’ as default on the P1P
Switch it to the textured PEI build plate.
That fixed my adhesion problems


Bed Adhedion on my P1P is awful to the point I barely use it. I’ve tried countless tricks

This totally solved my problem! The plate wasn’t heating enough because i had the Cool Plate selected for the Bed Type. Since it wasn’t hot enough the filament was cooling really fast and was bending, lifting itself up from the PEI Plate.


How come the printer is sold with the Textured PEI Plate, and this is not the default option? Took me a couple of hours of frustration to find this answer here

I think the x1 comes with the cool plate and bambu studio is for both printers. It would be better if it defaulted to the textured plate if you select P1P.
I do find the P1P more sensitive to bed adhesion problems than the glass plate on my old anycubic printer.
I find that washing with soap and warm water (as instructed) makes a huge difference. Everytime I do that after any issues it fixes it. I have IPA as well which doesn’t seem as effective but ok.
It is also sensitve to bed temp (unlike my old textured glass plate which mainly needed the temp to help get the print off when it cooled!).
Last thing is that i also find I need to use brims for large flat objects to stop the corners curling up, which again I didn’t used to have to do.
Other than the adhesion, the P1P is worlds apart from my old anycubic in every respect!

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I made an account just to thank you for this response! I know its kinda novice but I did not notice that my bambu software said Cool plate and I have the PEI Textured - nothing would print right - i had a few good prints and then nothing would adhere no matter what kinda supports i added… changed that setting to the correct plate and boom!

Thank you !!

I agree. Washing with dishsoap and warm water followed with IPA seems to make my prints stick better. I have BL cool plate with glue (OK), BL textured plate (OK) and 3D Hub PEI smooth which is awesome! It seems smooth PEI plate sticks much better than anything but I’m careful not to damage it. I started out with an Ender-3 clone and it seemed smooth PEI was the way to go as well. I use the textured plate profile with the smooth and have no issue. It does a particularly better job when small blobs of 1st layer are applied… (on BL cool plate and textured plate, the small prints on the first layer often come off or stick to nozzle, lifting and causing spaghetti failures)

I’m still a novice user. I have not had great success with support-W up to now. Will try different values for gap at interface and drying out filament. Hope this solves my challenges.

BTW, I have X1C

You just saved my sanity, thank you.

I can not get this thing to work properly to save my life. I have maybe 3 or 4 prints out of 15 tries. Keep losing bed adhesion. Textured plate selected even tried glue stick and bed weld. $800 for nothing but aggravation. I am looking to return it as I have not had it it a week yet.