P1S Chamber temperature display/setting

In the FAQs about the difference of the P1P and P1S could be read " a Chamber Regulator Fan to stabilize the inner chamber temperature" is present in the P1S. So if something is regulating the chamber temperature I would guess the temperature has to be measured. If so, why will it nor be displayed in the display of the printer and in bambo studio, and why could the temperature not be set in the device-options ?


Your guess would be wrong.

You enable the chamber fan and it’s speed (as a percentage) in the filament settings menu and it’s purely based upon the bed temperatures setting.

Ok, thank you for that information. So there is no regulation. Just a fan for a more even spreading of the temperature in the chamber. Even something more that should be written in the FAQ “What is the difference between P1S and X1C”.

The X1C doesn’t use its sensor to regulate the temperature either, it’s only used to display it on the screen. Someone mentioned that the X1E uses it along with the heater to do some regulating. There’s very cheap temperature switched fan controllers available which you can use to do this if you want. You would only need to make a housing and splice into the chamber fan wiring

Can you explain better this configuration? in this mode is it possible to modulate the fan speed or can you just turn it on and off?


These are simple fan controllers which have a hysteresis for the on and off, so once the temperature you set is reached, it will stay on until it reaches the set off temperature. I don’t believe they will alter the fan speed to control the temperature. But this could be done with other controllers.

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