P1S Profile - Bridge and overhang issue PLA and PETG

Hello everyone,

I’m have some trouble to use some print “print in place” with my new P1S with PLA.
all my print with bridging are bad
And i have also a lot of blob with my petg.

Can we use a thread to gather some profile for each brand of filament other than bambulab ?
I have Bambu PLA Basic and Matte (according to the rfid i’m not supposed to touch any setting)
But i have also problem to print bridge (sagging) and overhang (small sagging)

Except Bambu Filament i use also as “Generic” the following filament :

  • Eryone (Slik and Mate)
  • Sunlu
  • Noulei


  • Eryone
  • Prusament Gray

If anyone got some issue as me and find and can share a profile or calibration process in bambustudio could be realy cool !
Thanks a lot in advance for any advice or help.

I add some picture as exemple for the PLA

I start some trick find into this big thread for the PETG.

Start to improve my PETG print with Eryone PETG Transparent.
I Share my profile config setting
For PETG :
Modify my retraction , Filament and Cooling

And i keep everything by default in the profile