P1S retraction settings with PETG

Anyone have a suggestion for optimized retraction settings printing Numaker PETG? I dialed in Overture PETG a long time ago on another printer, but wanted to check with the community before I try those settings on the P1S.


Honestly, I have never had to touch the settings for any PETG profiles. The default settings are perfect on my machine. And I have printed Polymaker, MatterHackers, and eSun PETG.

I do have an X1C and not the P1S, but the extruder is the same isn’t it?

Apologies if i am wrong on that and my answer is therefore not helpful.

Default retraction is pretty good , try with defaults first
But for the other settings to get a perfect PETG print … ( flow /PA/cooling temp ) but is for more advanced and only if you are not happy with out of the box. Settings from other printers are not transferable only the experience, none of the other 3 printer settings are the same as the X1C