P1S Slammed Toolhead against Left wall, multiple issues printing

Hello there,
First post on the forum.
I had the P1S for about 3 months now, printing flawlessly and beautifully until today.
Tried printing a new model, probably too large for the printer (?)
I run a calibration almost every time I print and so I did this time.
After that I tried printing one model, the Toolhead slammed against the wall and the cover came off. This happened twice.
After that there seems to be a problem with the printer.
Scratchy noises, wrong filament, ghosting…
Also tried printing a simple Benchy (see images)
I did a factory reset and self calibration. Machine says it’s okay but I keep having same issues and scratchy noises before print starts.
I’m using gradient PLA and 0.4mm nozzle.
Anyone had similar issue? I’m thinking of submitting a ticket.
Thanks for helping!

Have you tried cleaning the carbon rods yet? The machine seems to be layer shifting and sticking.


Ah! Thanks, no, I haven’t, really thought the issue had started with the toolhead slamming… okay… will give it a go and report

If a model is too large, the slicer would say so even before slicing. You aren’t printing gcode made for some other printer, do you?

HI Thank you, I did some research last night and now I think I must have done that… I printed a model from Makerworld, by opening it directly in Bambustudio without noticing the preferences were all different… that must have messed it up.
But then, after reseting the printer to the factory standards, and recalibrating it, I tried printing Benchy, the one that comes with the printer (you can see a picture of a double shape up on my comment), that should have been fine, I guess… I did open a ticket in the end…

Okay, so I cleaned the rods with IPA and changed PLA, also did many calibrations. It’w working fine

I came here because my printhead banged against the wall and the cover came off, because I had the wrong machine set in the slicer. And after that my prints looked just like the original poster’s. I mean literally, see below photo [nope, I guess I can’t post pics yet.].

Anyway, I tried everything I could think of, but nothing worked. My girlfriend kept saying, “just turn it off and on”, so I finally tried that, and it fixed the issue. Don’t know how or why, but I’m happy.

I’m glad to hear it worked!

Dang - I just had this happen last week. Checked all settings, it was spot on. Had a clog that sent the tool head into hysteria. Have a ticket in right now, but now I’ve got fan worried tool head errors, etc.

Completely distraught considering I’ve tried following the wiki to no avail and the CS team is backlogged likely til forever (like two weeks lol)

This topic should get pinned !!

I have severe concerns with the providing 3MF files in general.
In particular however with Bambu’s FAILURE to ensure opened project files and such WILL be reverted to the machine set in Studio for the purpose of printing the job.
It is a great tool to get (forced) feedback on the defaults for your products but in the current form way too flawed.

I was lucky when I found this out the hard way.
I got a complaint that the model is covering a vital calibration area - one that my machine neither has nor uses.
Only then I realized that my machine setting got changed with the 3MF file…

It would be surprisingly easy to at least give a warning if a sliced job is sent to a not matching machine.
And with a few more lines of code you could see a pop up when opening the file that lets you either confirm or change the machine settings.
Bambu is rushing the implementation of new features without proper testing and without considering USER ERROR.
You can just assume that everyone who tries out a model from their supported sites to realize that their machine setting got changed.
Unless a user actually HAS multiple (DIFFERENT) printers the default should NEVER change, certainly not without a proper warning.

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I had an issue with a print being very sloppy and not sticking. I’ve had 2 Ender printers that worked without a hitch but this P1S is starting out badly. The first printer I got had all kinds of communication issues and I had to return it for another one. I had a problem with one print being blotchy and not sticking but then I noticed it had some kind of temp issues as well. I found that the bed listed was the wrong one and once I fixed that it worked just fine. I made a bunch of prints to organize my toolboxes and my nephew wanted a dragon so I started printing one for him. It started out fine so I went to the restroom and when I came back it was dragging the print around. Even worse, it encapsulated the entire nozzle and hardened making it to where I couldn’t get the wiring harness or cable unplugged from the nozzel to install the other one, after some time I was able to chisel away the pla and get to the connector at the nozzle but it had gotten inside that and when I tried to unplug it, the plug broke. I have a request in at Bambu but cannot find another cable/wiring harness anywhere so if anyone knows where I can get another one I’d appreciate it.

Which plug did you break, the Fan, the heater/thermistor or the board. Bambu store has everything available. Given the price of heater/thermistor and fan, you’re better off just buying a new hotend kit.

The wiring cable that goes from the toolhead board to the nozzle.

OK, if it’s not the fan, it’s the heater and thermistor cable (1st link) unfortunately bbl only sell a set of 3.