Paint on fuzzy skin

I think it would be beneficial to add fuzzy skin to surfaces as easy as one would paint on supports or colors. As it stands now I am using modifiers.


I’ve been using modifiers as well and would love to see the same feature. I print mostly functional parts with through holes which forces me to use a modifier to get fuzzy skin only where I want it.


Hi, add my vote to this,I also produce parts which need to interact with other parts so I need some surfaces buttery smooth to allow them to slide against each other, while I would like to be able to have the outside of my prints have the fuzzy skin effect. I’ve tried using CAD to design custom modifiers for this, but it is almost impossible to get it right, I’v just spent over an hour tweaking the position of a modifier to get it as close to where I need it as possible, but I could’ve painted this effect on, just like you can with colour changes in seconds and the result would have been better. It seems like adding a ‘modifier’ paint feature (rather than just for fuzzy skin) would be really really useful. not sure how to make this suggestion to Bambu for a future update though?


+1 to this. I was just doing a model and was thinking fuzzy by color would be awesome.

Looking for a way to do this now, it would be great for the slicer to allow painting fuzzy skin.

+1 on this. This is an essential feature to get nice grippy surface. I print mostly functional parts and holes get fuzzy as well in most cases.

I would also like a “Paint on Fuzzy skin” option…

Yes please!!!

I would love to have this feature!

Sounds like a nice feature, and one I absolutely support, until it does arrive, can you please describe how you are using modifiers?
I have a cut model that I would like to use fuzzy skin on the external facing features and smooth on the joining faces - how to achieve this using modifiers?

Edit - I’ve just found the Wiki entry on this, Is there anything in your method to add?

+1 on this too. It would make things so much easier

I would also love to see this be a feature. Either in the form of painting with a “fuzzy” tool or more generally painting a “modifier” area without needing to create a 3D model.