PEI Plate Wear from Tip Cleaning

Hello all. I’m new here so if this question has already been asked/answered you have my apologies.

I received my P1S on Sept 06 and since then have noticed some odd wear on the PEI sheet at the back where the tip, I’m assuming, is cleaning itself. Picture attached. Is this normal or do I have an issue?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Yup, totally normal.

I can understand the concern as I had it too when I first got my printer.


Yuppers, it’s normal.


It’s normal then? Thanks! That’s good to know.

One other question. Will this tip cleaning wear right through the plate or does it just remove the coating over time? Sorry, still new with this machine.

Just remove the coating.


Thanks for all the help.You guys are great!

Sorry about the deleted post. Fat fingers I guess. :grin:

Some say if it keeps cleaning in the same location it might dig a hole back to China eventually. No one has owned it long enough to find out though! Keep us posted.

(I’m kidding)

I’ll let ya know when I can order Chinese food using the printer. :rofl:

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New feature request. Hope its implemented soon. Love a Chinese takeaway! :takeout_box: