PETG Basic has been discontinued?


Is Bambu really discontinuing PETG Basic? Have been pretty happy with it and was just going to order more black when noticed following info on their site: “Note: PETG Basic has been discontinued due to product optimization and will not be restocked once sold out.”

Are they going to make a different PETG Basic or end it completely? Tried look for more info, but didn’t find any.


seems like the bambu “scientists” are working on a new “formula” as I read it they are optimizing it or improving it so this “recipe” is being discontinued. i doubt they would completely get out of the petg game as its a form of revenue for them petg is very popular.


Yep that would be my guess also, but why stop the sales before they get the new one ready? Going to have to buy from some other manufacturer now.


Inventory management is hard.

Managing stock in multiple territories that are serviced by containers on ships makes seamless supply a tough gig.


I feel the same, I was ready to buy 4 spools of white and gray, but they’ve been sold out since the sale started. Thanks for pointing this out -
So real talk: what brand should I switch to now?
I love Polymaker but not their prices sometimes, while I’m looking, does PETG matte even exist? I’d love to switch to a matte petg.
But in the meantime, I’d settle for something both price and quality comparable to BBL’s. I just wish I didn’t have to go RFID-less ;_;

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If you want matte petg, cf-petg is probably the only option. petg by its nature is pretty glossy, but the carbon fiber petg is more matte.

I hope bambu labs announces the new petg soon :crossed_fingers:

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Yes, I’ve had to slow down quite a lot to get that PETG Basic to print consistently glossy, it likes to start to get matte when going over about 70mm/s (270C, 0,20mm height, 0,42mm width, Obxidian 0,4 nozzle). Hopefully the possible new version addresses that.

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PETG Matte exists. Look up California Filament Matte. They have a bunch. Prints well too. And they have printing settings for bambu printers on their website.


I like Elegoo Rapid PETG you can find it on Amazon.

I more or less use the same profile as bambu PETG and it works great.

It’s cheap (like 12 bucks per roll) when you buy in packs of 4.


I don’t like the shipping options and I dislike the availability issues.

When I got my machine I took the discount offer for filaments that was included.
Found a few colours I liked and ordered some more - having this nice 6 month discount price.
Only to find out there is just a few select filament rolls actually getting this 25% discount - a month later there was no discount for me left at all.
If you print models in specific colours it is a real pain to see the one you need is ‘currently unavialable’ in the Bambu store.
Then you use a proxy, check for some other countries and see it still available there…
Ok, at least it will be available soon as the others have it…
Nope, unless it is a very common colour it might just be discontinued or replaced with a different one.

Where I am it is not that easy to get cheap shipping and same for reliable filament suppliers…
By accident I found one that does not really seem to like the Google search bots as the result was really far down the last and way below the links for suppliers from other countries.
The shipping costs are quite steep if you buy bulk but won’t change much between ordering 6 rolls or 20, which is the highest and lowest I ordered so far.
On the other hand the rolls are much cheaper than what Bambu offers and filaments SOLD OUT so far always came back.
A type being discontinued usually means it will be replaced (on time) with a new formula and the same colour code.
Not saying their system is perfect as some filaments are discontinued for good.

I had a few Email exchanges with this supplier in regards to their shipping options, speciality filaments and options for custom colours.
Unlike Bambu their replies are quick, comprehensive and competent.
Knowing I could get any colour code for PLA and in standard, matte, transparent, or silk is great - minimum order 200 rolls…
Do yourself a favour and check what there is for local suppliers, check their feedback and have a decent chat with them about the availability of their filaments and how often colours or types might be discontinued.
If their support for such requests is quick and good it might be worth trying.

Sometimes you are just in the wrong location…
Like on some island or somewhere outside the supported western world.
Most of the filament out there comes from China and checking there can often provide you with more reliable and cheaper options than big brand names from overseas.
Especially if you can order in bulk quantities, or can afford to do so.
For example on AliExpress you can you use the bulk order tools to check for suppliers offering filament at the low volumes you might require plus some alternatives for slightly larger volumes.
Some sellers accept orders as low as 10 rolls to consider it bulk.
Check their conditions carefully, same for their pricing and for how long they are n the game already.
Contact the ones you might consider and ask for a sample, like a bag of 10m pieces of PLA, ABS, TPU, PETG and such.
You might have to pay a small fee for this but it is worth it as you can do some real world tests after drying it.
And in case you are in a really bad location for shipping big things consider making some friends first - to include their filament orders to get a better volume deal :wink:
Might turn into a business …

yeah i love the matte look might have to try some of this most petg too shiny

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You dont have to go RFID less, keep the RFID chips from an empty spool, then stick them on the sides of the filament spool of your choice, works a treat.


I bought 9 rolls of different Bambu PETG colors right when they launched, expecting results like I had with their PLA. I had typically used Sunlu PETG but had a project that I wanted a lot of colors for right at the time Bambu released theirs - I have been less than impressed with the quality compared to Sunlu and have to run it with the generic profile to get anything serviceable. I hope their next attempt is better. It would be nice if they offered a special sale for those that previously bought their gen1 beta failed attempt…

Thanks! I just bought a 2-pack, only $26 for a white and grey; giving it a shot

ooh checking them out, thanks!

Well that’s disappointing. That’s all I print with and regularly stock black, red, blue-grey, and white. I’ve tuned my speed and settings to get a buttery, glossy finish that I’m really happy with.

Unfortunately, I read “product optimisation” as reducing the number of products rather than making their PETG better. I really hope it’s the latter.

Yeah that isn’t surprising. They have warehouses in different countries and typically only ship from the closest warehouse. That is how lots of companies work. Having a single global warehouse would increase shipping by a lot and moving inventory between warehouses would cost a lot of money too.

Except it isn’t a failed beta attempt. The PETG basic worked perfectly fine for the majority of people. They are discontinuing it to release a better one, that doesn’t mean the existing one was bad. The iPhone 14 wasn’t a failed beta attempt just because they released the iPhone 15.

There is always room for improvement and bambu continuing to work on their filaments is a good thing.

If you had issues with all 9 rolls then that would probably indicate either really bad luck, a bad batch (not in your case since they are different colours) or that something about how you were printing them was wrong. What issues were you having with the filament? Did you try drying it?

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The complaints about the quality and behavior of the Bambu branded PETG are numerous here and on other venues like reddit. I am not alone in my opinions.

I print a lot of PETG, and have been successfully printing it for the year and a half I have had my X1C. Other brands like Sunlu print perfect with no fuss. Bambu PETG, even after being dried well, does not print cleanly with their provided profile resulting in a lot of stringing, blobbing, and under extrusion - the flow rate is way to high. It is so bad I am shocked Bambu released the profile as it is. Dropping down flow rate or specifying the generic profile helps a lot, but side by side Sunlu prints noticable better still.

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Sunlu has been my goto for about a year with petg. I run through about 10 rolls a week, and the only issue I’ve had is about 4 months ago, I got a shipment that had a 0 instead of black on the side for color and the color was a dark Grey, but havnt had the issue since. Prints great, and have had no complaints from customers on my products I sell.