Is the day of the $10 filament at hand?

I recently found a new brand on Amazon - 3DHoJor - that sells the cheapest PLA filament I’ve seen so far. Yes, I know, the name sounds like something you wouldn’t want to repeat in polite company. :grin:

I took a chance, thinking it might be one of those 10% of new products I end up returning with Amazon’s free return policy, but I was amazed by how well it worked. Even though I tried adjusting it for better performance, it worked great with the default Bambu Basic PLA settings. I got a bit better flow rate and less stringiness, but not by much.

I just ordered some of their PETG, and I’ll update on the Bambu PETG discontinued thread about how that goes. Either way, we consumers benefit.


Could this mean that the $10/spool filament is finally here?

I don’t think that the $10 spool is a permanent thing just yet, it’s too early to tell since I purchased both JAYO and 3DHoJor on special. In fact, JAYO is now stocked-out so maybe they threw in the towel on such a low margin business. But I did get the last $9.99 spool before they ran out. :joy:

Many posts in this forum discuss dropping filament prices and Bambu’s poor quality. I’ve criticized vendors like Bambu for high prices and poor service. $25 for a single spool unless bought in bulk? Even then at bulk(4 spools), it’s $15 per spool with slow shipping(7-10 days) and almost impossible returns. In my view, brand loyalty is for people who don’t mind wasting money; smart consumers are powerful.

This week, I ran out of Overture filament and ordered JAYO filament, which is the same as Sunlu. Overture is now back over $18 per spool. Why pay that when you can get the same or better for 44% less? It’s confusing why anyone would choose any filament for that kind of price difference. Is it fear of the unknown? On Amazon, I return almost 10% of new vendor products if they don’t work right away, so there’s no risk to not to try a new seller.

What would be the perfect spool?

If JAYO, Sunlu, or 3DHoJor can offer the same product with a plastic spool, I’d probably stop looking for other brands and stick with theirs at $10 per spool. I only mention these three because they appear to want to compete on price and quality whereas Overture and others and other’s are still trying to convince us that their not-so-secret sauce is better even though it’s the same comb of ketchup and mayo that very other hamburger calls their “Secret Sauce”. :hamburger:Let’s be candid, as I’ve posted in my fancy schmancy post, there isn’t a huge difference in product after calibration.

I guess the next goal would be $7.50 per spool? One can only hope :pray::roll_eyes:, but I think $10 is the lowest it will go for a while.


Here are the prices for that filament in Canada. The cheapest I have found in Canada was PLA on sale for $18/kg. $25-$35 is more common, but some places charge even more than that

I dont want Plasticspools. Inhalt refill. Best If they fit in Bambu-spools.

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It depends which AMS you use.

AMS lite: Cardboard and plastic both work well.
AMS: Plastic works well, cardboard does quickly without adapters.

Personally, I would prefer cardboard as they are recyclable.

Owning both AMS & AMS lites, having cardboard spools which account for 95%+ of my non-BL filaments is difficult as having to print multiple adapters and different sized ones for the same brand is time consuming and complicated when you just want to print. Especially when like me you have 50+ different filaments open to choose from.

The BL spools are excellent. Having only just bought BL filaments in the past month, the convenience and easy of use across both AMS types is greatly appreciated.

The refills aren’t as great as it gets stuck down the sides in use after correct installation.

BL is still expensive.

I am used to getting PLA+ kg spools from Amazon for less than £11 outside of sales.

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What in the world kind of prices are those???

$70, $72?? Even CND that seems crazy high.

It is way too high. Whoever is selling it is ripping people off.

I just ordered some Sunlu PLA off Amazon. It’s the cheapest I’ve seen it so I ordered “DeWalt” yellow and some more grey. Amazon day is coming up so a lot of sellers are cutting prices to get in on the action, or pre-action.

So are the plastic spools. :roll_eyes: I keep mine and rewind the paper spools I get onto them. I don’t use paper in my AMS units. The paper spools go into the burn barrel.

This also happens in the U.K.

Just one example; two-pack, black and grey, basic PLA, not even high flow or pla+. £127 (£63.50 each).

They come with resealable bags, which is likely the price difference between this and other more reasonable prices.

For comparison, this four-pack comes with black, white, grey and silver for £41.62 (£10.40 each).

This winner though is 1KG silver for just £6.60. Yes, you read that correctly.

There is one catch, the delivery is £200!

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I have tremors, I can’t use respoolers.

Disabled people have different needs and restrictions.

Plus, some of us are gorgeous and partially sighted, I don’t think those are linked.


I was just responding to the paper recyclable hype. It’s not done around here. I’m sorry to be warming the weather by burning but that’s the only choice out here in the country. I’m lucky to have garbage pickup.


In the U.K. we have pretty decent recycling collection services that collect almost everything every fortnight. It is paid for by our local taxes, which are not very high for me.

Cardboard recycling has been one of the shining beacons of that system for a few decades.

Plastics are much less bright.

It’s cardboard spool and I have wasted so many filaments printing rewinders and attachments that I would spend the extra on plastic or bambu refills. Pass

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Then I offer up this video as a possible remedy. Although the video shows an Elegoo spool, the principle should work for other similar spools. But I agree, plastic is far superior to cardboard when it comes to ease of use.

I was just about to mention this. Not only is it easy to put the Elegoo rolls on the Bambu spools but the black Elegoo Pla+ is 10 rolls for $109.99 on their site. They also give out $10 off codes all over the place bringing it down to $99.99 for 10. It’s become my go to.

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I’ve just printed through a couple spools of the 3DHoJor as well and they printed great; amazing for the price point. I’ve printed spool rings by Au3D, because his rings always fit perfectly, and the cardboard is not an issue!

I bought two rolls of 3DHoJor filament, and one exploded in the AMS three times during a 12 hour print. My P1S let me know there was an issue thankfully, but it was a pain in the ass to untangle the mess.

And the winner is:

I’ll give it a shot, just bought 2 rolls on Amazon for $25.

In my experience, their filaments are on par with companies like overture. I really like their matte pla.