PETG Matte black

As Bambu isn’t doung any PETG Matte Black, do you guys have any recommendations for anather quality brand. Been using Prusa’s, but the spool sometimes makes trouble in the AMS

Regards Lasse

If you’re located in Europe, you can try the XPETG Matt from Extrudr. I’ve used this in the color anthracite and it looks great.

Es gibt hier eine Datenbank, welche Filamente von welchem Hersteller für das AMS passen. Ist eine GoogleDoc. Habe aber den Link jetzt nicht parat, musst mal hier suchen

There is a database here showing which filaments from which manufacturer are suitable for the AMS. Is a GoogleDoc. But I don’t have the link ready now, so I’ll have to search here

You want advice? Ok… don’t buy matte anything. I’ve tried dearly to get matte finishes to print well, particularly with PETG. At best, they are stringy mess and no tuning was I able to get a good looking print. I got a strong and accurate print but I had to give the part a shave in order to scrape off all the hairs that were lingering and that with keeping the chamber temps near 45C.

But don’t take my word for it, experiment on your own and let us know if you find a filament with a better outcome.

Here’s my one example where I aborted the printed and went back to regular black PETG.

Here are some parts I’ve printed with Extrudr XPETG Matte black or anthracite.

I love this filament. :slight_smile:


The only time I. Have had stringing was when the filament wasn’t dried properly.

Could you please share your settings for the XPETG? I am printing extrudr PETG only, and have perfect results, but my tests with the XPETG didn’t work well at all - it was a pain to use, not only on the x1c, also on my other printers. I must have missed something.

The question is: Howto get a good and reliable material profile? Based on the Material Sheet (here for XPETG) I create a filament profile and modify it. Then I do the pressure advanced and flow calibration - I have a P1P. This is the base profile I’m starting to print the material. And based on failed or successful prints I modify the profile, for example the higher print temperatures for textured plate gave me more adhesion and less warping.

This are my current settings to print with XPETG (screenshots from Orca Slicer):

As I learned, XPETG likes it to get printed slower. So depending on the model you should reduce the ‘Max volumetric speed’ (~ 10) or only some wall and infill speeds to something around 100 mm/s. I’ve also learned that, tree support doesn’t like speeds above 100mm/s. It’s better to use 50 mm/s for printing tree supports. :slight_smile:


Never had any problems with the Prusa Matte Black, only in the AMS

Thanks… unfortunately Extrudr don’t do B2B in Europe (vat deduction), so it’s not an option