PLA Silk Dual Colour diameter tolerance

Today i got some filament that i ordered, including the PLA Silk Dual Colour which i decided to try. When i wanted to load it in the AMS i could feel between my fingers that something is far off… It is oval in shape, from 1,5mm to 1,9mm!! This means -14% +8% from the stated 1,75mm diameter
I ended up without feeding it to the AMS as i don’t want to mess my AMS or printer…

What are your thoughts about this one? To me it looks like a total junk…

Anyone here that bought that filament? Does it have the same ovalnes? If so, any problems with that?
I am scared to feed it to the machine, as i can imagine that it could cause all sort of problems.

If this is the Bambu stuff, I would be sending in a support ticket just to be sure your covered if it does stufff your parts up.
My dual and triple silks of other vevndors, eg Polymaker, are pretty consistent around the 1.7 - 1.8.

I dont own any Bambu Dual - Silk sorry.

it will not purge the filament. I recently bought the same and thought something was off but fed it through the AMS any ways. AMS feeds it just find but it will not purge once its fed.

I ended up opening a ticket on BL support, and I must say that the response was quite fast. They said that the filament is designed to be oval, to ensure that the filament does not rotate during printing, so that the proper dual colour effect is visible on the printed part (makes sense in some way). Anyway, he said that yes, the filament is a bit to much oval and that they can arrange the replacement if I will experience any problems.
So i decided to print some parts with it and i had zero problems after using about 200g of it. No visible defects on printed part, no problems with feeding and retracting. Looks that the system is quite tolerant to the filament diameter. After some thinking, for the print quality itself, what is important, is the volumetric flow (mean diameter must be constant) and after checking the filament with the micrometer, it is very consistent through it’s lenght.
Nevertheless, they should probably remove that 1,75mm ±0,03mm print from the box label, as it definitely is not in ±0,03mm tolerance

I found this post after reading and commenting on this one A1: Dual Silk clogs .4 and .6 - #16 by KYZ_Design and am having an issue printing this filament on my new A1 mini.

I’m new to printing so confused by whether this is a filament issue or a printing issue, but confirmed on my dual color silk similar measurements: 1.5 up to 1.87 or so.

In my case, the printer won’t load it at all. It doesn’t jam or get stuck, it just…doesn’t go in. Printer tries a few times and then complains. I’m still searching around the forums looking for more information about this.

So far, the printer works will all the other filaments I purchased with it (all directly from Bambu).

Same here i have trash the full spool’of’this dual silk filament . Ams ok but the printer stop feed it after few minutes . I have try without ams and same problem .
I took an eryone spool and all have print well .
Open ticket for refound .

Has anyone tried to run the bambu filament without the AMS? I am having to slow down the dual silk ~30-40% vs matte pla to keep it from clogging or misprinting.

Making the filament in a slight oval shape to help align the colors seems pretty smart if they can get it to work. These colors mostly seem to stay out of stock anyway though.

I’ve managed to print the oval filament in my P1S, bypassing the AMS. I printed it at like 5mm3/s just to make sure the extruder doesn’t need to push too hard. The oval didn’t keep the filament aligned in the extruder - in the print, I could see that in some layers, the orientation of the filament changed (only about 1% of the print).

It failed to load with the AMS - the first stage feeders were grinding the filament and it got stuck, left a big mess to clean up.

It also failed to print with my A1 mini (without AMS lite) - as it has a single gear extruder and didn’t get enough grip of the filament - filament was grinding in the extruder.

Ah, so maybe the oval shape isn’t much better. I have an A1 mini without AMS and print Overture & Sunlu dual & tri silks pretty frequently but I checked and they’re all round.

I have had pretty good success printing those at 13 mm3/s but I’m using a 0.8mm nozzle at 220C. I was also unhappy with the stock A1 mini spool holder, but this mod to add an AMS lite spool holder has helped a lot Adapter for AMS lite Rotary Spool Holder - Yellow / PLA Matte by Piecemak3r - MakerWorld

Ah cool mod, I’ll get one in my next order :slight_smile:

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