Placing 2 AMS

Plan to use 2 AMS with a X1CC.

What is the best way to place them? One on top of the printer and the other above on a shelve? Or both to the side of the printer, one on top of the other in a small shelve or with these self-printed supports?

I’m not sure there is a “best way” to place them, as long as :

  • you keep them as close as possible to the X1 (reduce PTFE distance = reduce time needed for load/unload of filaments, which may be relevant for long multi-color prints)
  • you keep PTFE tubes aligned without too strong angles

Keep in mind that with the AMS HUB (needed for >= 2 AMS) you’ll have an extra ~2 meter compatible PTFE tube that you can use to replace the (very short) PTFE tubes that are available by default at the output of each AMS (allowing other ways to place the AMS). Replacing that outside AMS tube is easy and described in STEP 1 here : Replacing AMS filament hub | Bambu Lab Wiki

Also keep in mind that the AMS hub is NOT reversible : all PTFE tubes are going to come from the “right side” of the printer (when facing the printer), so it’s easier / better to have AMS located on top / right side / bottom of the printer, but not on its left (it’s of course still possible but with extra length of tube being wasted just for the loop, hence extra distance in the end)

Of course you are probably also still want to be able to open the AMS in order to change spools…

On my side i have some IKEA BROR shelves :

  • The X1C is on one shelf at mid-height
  • My two AMS are on the upper shelf, one next to the other one
    • One AMS just “on top of the printer” (with a bit longer tube than default one)
    • One a little bit on the right (still with default PTFE tube)


Nice setup. Thanks for the picture.

The two side by side on a shelve above the printer is more convenient than any stacked solution. Better access to the spools and more free space to the side of the printer and nothing on top, which allows to open the lid for printing PLA. I’ll likely go a similar route.

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The design is well worth the $2.41 that he’s asking. I am very pleased with it.


I found this rack on Amazon. It’s a little small- the hinged cover of the bottom AMS opens just enough to remain open for filament loading. It’s tall enough but not deep enough. The bottom AMS cover hits the legs before it reaches 90 degrees. I had to install a longer PTFE tube between the printer and the first AMS, and I’m building a longer 4-pin buffer cable. I really like the printed stand by PRACTICAL STLS (and the price is right). It fits much better.

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Regarding the ease to put several AMS around the Bambu printers, also, maybe that part can help (i’ve just discovered it) - it allows to rotate the AMS HUB by 90°, with AMS PTFE tubes being now at the bottom and not anymore on the right :

(disclaimer : this model is not free - but still cheap / worth to be bought if you need that organization IMHO, and i’m not at all the author or affiliated in any way with the author)