Poorly wound filament

I have a brand new roll of standard gray Bambu PLA that I put onto the Bambu two-piece reusable spool. Half way through a 5 hour print (from the AMS), the filament hit a tangle in the spool and the motor pulled it with enough force that it separated the spool and sprung the filament out of the sides. Now the filament is a complete mess and will need to be re-spooled. I also received an error about one of the motors applying too much force (forgot to grab a picture of it). This happened during a lunch break, so I just turned the printer off to dig into it more this evening. Hopefully nothing was damaged.

My question is really just about quality control on the rolls of filament that Bambu is shipping out. Are others having this problem or should I just consider this a fluke? I have 6 other rolls of various types of Bambu filament that I have bought, but I haven’t opened them yet. I don’t want to have to worry about damaging the printer or ruining long prints every time I use a new spool, nor do I want to re-spool every time out of an overabundance of caution. Definitely love the printer, but I haven’t ever encountered a problem like this with any of the many other filament providers I’ve used before. The spool looked badly wound to begin with, but I was optimistic that it would still be ok. Now I know not to risk using another roll that looks like this without re-spooling it. Is anyone else experiencing this? I’m sure there is a third party producing these for Bambu so hopefully they are aware of a potential quality control issue and can address it.


Just my experience, but so far I’ve used most of a roll of white, probably more than half of a role of black, maybe 40% of a blue, and maybe in the 10-20% of a red and a yellow roll. I haven’t encountered any issues like this.

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That’s encouraging to hear. I am hopeful that your experience is the norm and mine is the exception.

i personal also think it was just a fluke
i do not use bambu filament myself but i do use a lot of other brands
and it sometimes just happen, i think it even once happend with a prusa roll

most filaments use now “perfect winding” , but a machine is still a machine and mistakes happends
if you do visual control and the end spool looks perfect winded you think it is successfull
but sometimes you just can not see it to start with and then it happends in the middle of the spool

anyway, i hope it stays a rare cirumstance but it could happend to any brand.

I have had 2 spools of PLA that have caused huge problems within the AMS. Maybe its how I am putting the refills onto the spool? Really frustrating!

I have had a couple of spools from Bambu and they all were with near perfect winding. I used Bambu Basic PLA and Matt PLA only so far, but since we do not know who is actually their supplier, it mignt be different suppliers for different materials.

I hope you just had bad luck, the BL PLA gives really great surfaces for me. The only thing I hate about Bambu filament is that they use some tape to glue the end of the fimalent to the spool, and it could get pulled into the AMS if you have bad luck. Hope they change that soon.

I have had some issues with filament getting stuck and not wanting to unwind.
I have a feeling that, sometimes, the roller under near the first-stage feeder gets stuck and causes too much tension, pulling filament into the roll.
ALSO Always make sure you align the notch in the spindle with the tiny hole in the spool.
It took me a few tries to find that one…

I have had 2 bad refills so far. 1 full of knots, the other, so badly wound it will not even go on a reusable spool while still in the plastic straps. The spool spills out past the carboard enough i cant close the spool.

I have also had 3 good spools. I think after i figure out how to rewind and fix my bad spools i will not buy refills from bambu anymore.

I have a question and don’t take this as an insult as I’ve struggled with the BL refills because I didn’t notice the notch on the cardboard. Are you lining that up? The spool will close but it will not lock closed. Just my advice on that, if the spool notch isn’t locked in, the roll can be loose enough on the spool to get tangled during feeding and retracting.

While the Bambu filament winds aren’t Prusament perfect, they aren’t that bad either. Honestly, I’m super surprised there aren’t more tangles with the AMS’s back spooling. That thing just spools back and forth willy nilly, with no care to put the filament back where it came from. The only issue I had with it was with a Bambu factory spooled filament, but after that problem section cleared out, the issue stopped.

So if you know there is a section of tangled filament I suggest unspooling and respooling. Or you’ll be stuck monitoring prints until it clears, or dealing with failures.

Hi, I have considered Prusa filaments the top of the line, but even their beautifully spooled filaments sometimes stick together and cause the ams to stop (motor overload). It happened only once so far. A twist in the filament loop can do the same.
Make sure you are running the latest firmware.

Yeah, I have been respecting the notch. :slight_smile: Thanks for pointing it out, if I had missed it, that would certainly have impacted the loading. The one spool actually looks loose and even just slightly wavy, I am wondering if it got exposed to some heat when it was being shipped. I am relatively new to the need to respool. I found various machines on printables that I intend to try.

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Same, I like refills but being new to all of this (3d printing) I do often wonder if I’m doing it wrong or if it’s the material… It’s usually me.

Heh, agreed. Always more to learn, but I have found it rewarding learning.

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Not sure why my previous post got deleted. I’ll try again: First time purchasing refill filament and its all tangled on the spool, keeps getting stuck when loading/unloading and tangling in the AMS.

All should know this but if not, make sure the refill is correctly in the spool before removing the straps!

FWIW, I have good experiences with the Pastamatic respooler.

Not a refill, Bambu PLA Strong Yellow that was sent together with P1S purchase, just started a long print and probably the worst wound spool I have ever encountered, it broke my brand new Y-Splitter that was screwed onto the printer by pulling so hard that the mount broke, luckily I was in the room at the same time hearing everything and managed to fix it (for now), the filament was criss-crossing over and under itself in several places and I’m afraid what will happen later in the same print.

I’m mostly sad about my Y-Splitter, after printing 4 different ones I finally got one that was working.

Yep as I was afraid it happened yet again a couple of hours into the roll.

We just started a full Blue PLA Bambu Lab spool after successfully getting through our While PLA starter spool in our P1S. The winding tangled on itself and got stuck during a larg print.

Put in a ticket to support. We’re new to the 3d printers and were elated with how the P1S prints. But after this issue with their filament - will probably getting all filament elsewhere.

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