Prime Tower not printing, Not able to print 2nd color of first layer

I have a P1S w/ AMS Unit. I am printing a simple 2 color keychain that worked fine the first time printed. It came out great. I am using a 0.2 nozzle. I updated my device settings once installing the 0.2 nozzle to have the proper nozzle setting. I have the proper nozzle and printer selected in settings. However, when the second color tries to print on my first layer, it changes colors to the second filament, and then the second filament endlessly purges, and I have to turn the machine off. It never starts the second color, just purges endlessly. It is also not printing the prime tower which is visible in the print preview tab of Bambu Studio. I attached my file for help. I can’t figure out what is wrong or what changed from first print to second print. But something seems wrong.

File attached: NSB-Keychains-SharkBite-V2.3mf - Google Drive

You’re printing the black filament first so the flush volume is going to be larger after that. It takes a lot to clear the black out. You can see the flush volumes that you have set. With a .2 nozzle it will take even longer to flush than a .4mm nozzle.

You can dial the flush from black to gray back but you might see black carryover in the gray.


well, this is embarassing. It was the super long purge value that made me think it was just continuously purging. I guess when I did my first print, I didn’t realize how long those first purges were… well, learned something today.

thanks for the additional eyes, I appreciate your help and making me not give up.

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