Print Failures

Everybody wants to have successful prints, but print failures are also a part of the 3D printing experience.
If you have a failed print, feel free to post it in this thread. We also recommend sharing some information about the print settings used, so the community can help you avoid these the same failure in the future.

I’ll go first :slight_smile:

Straight out of the box, first print, set to Sport mode

No idea what happened there. That was the one on the printer. I’ve just sliced one I’ve used before and will give that a try

With the pre-sliced models, it seems adjusting the speed mode can cause the machine to push past its limits and lose position.

They’re already highly optimised to be impressively fast for the result that you get.

Anyone have issues printing with Matterhackers quantum filament?

I’ve tried two different rolls and I keep having issues. Right from the first layer I can see issues with it.

Solid colors I’m not having issues at all, I’m getting really nice prints from those.

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This issue might be caused during Flow Rate calibration if the filament is very shiny. It might interfere with the calibration process and in turn, it will calibrate it badly.

The recommended solution would be to try and calibrate the flow rate with a similar filament, but one that has less shine, then start the print again without re-calibrating.


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Ok so I just tried a basic purple pla none shiny or silky. And I’m also having the same issue with it. So not sure what going on now.

I had previously use this filament and it printed fine. Now I’m having issues with 3 different types of filament. It’s like the first layer is gooey and keeps coming out of the nozzle.

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If you want to get a cleaner first layer, I recommend setting the first layer width to 0.4mm.
first layer
I can also recommend slightly lowering the flow rate for this particular filament, in the filament settings.

To help with adhesion, I recommend cleaning the print surface with some warm water and detergent, then applying a thin layer of glue. More recommendations about this are available in this Wiki article for the Cool Plate.

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Ok I will try that in the morning and will report back with my results thank you.

Luckily i don’t have many failed prints on the X1 Carbon. Just this famous torture toaster that suffered from bed adhesion on some of the smaller parts, which melted alot of the toaster together. Since then i stopped using glue stick and started using MagiGoo on the build plates. Since then no parts came loose anymore.

Hope the P1P camera comes really soon!

All prints gone so well, i just started this from work … Once wife woke up she asked wtf i was printing as it was webbing outside the printer …
This is the end result before i killed the power.

The print starts out well then the layers dont seem to bond well then at the end are good

This is going to be the biggest thread in the whole forum.
How do you know if it was the print settings that caused the failure?

I’m having almost every print fail just like this on the pla/abs petg hot plate.Trying to find out why my first layer keeps failling when it seems to be fine once it starts going

On my quantum filament I did the manual calibrations and my prints turned out great.

After cleaning you build plate try spraying a thin layer of Aquanet hairspray and letting it dry then make sure you do your bed calibration, and try printing it again.

A question concerning the slicing of our design.
Before slicing, this sieve has a dense bottom. After slicing, the bottom disappears. Is there something I can adjust in my settings?

Lol, this is annoying. Similar happened to me, then found nozzle area was clogged. Change of nozzle fixed the issue, lucking I have another 0.4mm. Im still figuring out how to clean the clogged one.

It’s the same over here, the first layer is always off (tried 3-rd time this week but same), not sure if that’s the printer or just me :slight_smile:

I guess will find out in a couple of days, a friend is coming over and he has some projects printed great.

But yeah, it’s not as easy as it seems at the begining.

I have this issue:
Bambu PLA Basic - 1 year old - kept in plastic bag
! Standard BambuLab settings

I have the same issue with Filament PM - FR Jet White - 3 months old - first prints were good quality - now have same issue as shown above.
What is going on?

Welcome to the forum.

Couple question for you.

How do you clean your build plate and did you clean it before the failed print?

Have you recently updated the firmware?