Printer head hits walls

Hello everyone.

I have a problem with my printer. After printing PLA-CF material my printer head stop on top of the table and stop in 99% of printing.
After this incident, I cleaned the printer head and started printing again, but with PLA material.
Something strange started to happen, the printer head started its pre-printing test, but instead of printing normally, it started hitting the pin located on the left side of the door with quite a lot of power. The force of the impact pulled the front cover off the printer head and after that print head, after hitting the pin the printer head starts moving over the top of nozzle wiper and make a sound as if the motors were constantly trying to push the head towards the wall.

I’ve already done it " self-diagnostics" and I restored the printer to factory settings, it didn’t help at all.

Do you have any ideas what to do with it?

Thanks :slight_smile:

What a strange issue.

So, it stopped at 99%, I suppose related to AMS not being able to pull out the filament. Correct?

Yes correct.
I managed to clean the nozzle after, so purging material its not the issue now.
Here I am attaching a photo of how close the head is to the wall:

Random thoughts not necessarily in order…

X and Y home are defined by the front right corner. Is there any thing that would prevent the head from properly reaching this corner?

Are the belts correctly tensioned? A crash could have pulled hard enough to slide the tensioner over. This would let it skip steps and would throw the position way off.

Are the carbon rods and steel rods clean? Enough gunk could cause skipping as above.

Did a belt come loose from it’s anchor? This may cause all kinds of issues.

Are both motors plugged in?

If you manually move the head left/right with power off, the motors spin in the same direction. If you move it fore/aft, they spin in opposite directions.

If all of the above looks OK, you may have lost a motor driver which would require opening a support ticket.

My X! is only a 3 weeks old. It was printing well until yesterday when the head crashed so had into the left hand corner that it opened the door and the front of the head came off and landed on the bed. Since then each time I start a print the head crashed in the front left corner before the print starts.
I have looked for foam and or junk causing a problem (nothing) I have run the calibration but it still happens. I have powered off and one … same result.

Is there a way to reset the machine or get this thing to stop the head crashing.

Thanks for the help…


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I have the exact same problem with my new printer. Printing just fine (bought a few days ago) and one print, it slams into the left hand corner. The cover of the printing head falls down.

I have not yet found a fix.

I resolved the same issue by selecting the correct Bambu printer while in the Prepare tab. I was using A1 mini 0.4 nozzle; I think it defaulted to that printer. Once I selected the X1 Carbon, the issue was gone.


i have axactly!!! this problem

the printer now gosting. its start the first layer and then when speeding up in make 1 centimeter another like the original part
and start today i have the x1c 1 day and printing pla original for the box 250gram test and printing from the sample printing in the printer

how i get there
in the studio or in the printer ?
thank you

If you are asking where to reselect the correct printer for the print job, it’s in the upper left of the main page.
printer selection

I have found that models loaded from Makerworld often change this to match a profile. You need to make sure this matches your printer and nozzle size.

Sometime, I have to select my printer so that the filaments in the AMS can be synchronized. That’s done on the device page. Click on the area circled, then click on the printer in my device. If you have more than one printer, you need to pick the one that you want to send the job to.
device selection

I have the same problem with this issue. :rofl:

Same issue here - I think.
My printer (P1P) sill go through the auto-bed leveling procedure just fine, will start the print just fine, and then in the middle of a print just decides to slam the print head into the door (same area as described above) then go back to printing but with a huge layer shift.
I have a support ticket open this morning to see if we can figure this out.

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i had the same issue and i solved it by restoring to factory settings and then unpluging it.

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Hi there, I am also having this issue as of lately. The printer head will run into the front left wall, readjust, and then properly go into the filament cutter lever. I’ve done just about everything in attempts to fix it.

PS - I have an open support ticket. So far Bambu has had me cleanded the machine, adjusted the tension on the pullies, factory reset it, self test, updated machine and slicer, adjusted my filament cutter, and that’s where we’re at so far. I’m curious if I could adjust the gcode so the head can give itself more room before sliding into that lever for the cutter at the front left of machine?

same here, mine is less than a day old and has this issue, it crashes so hard that it removes the head panel

Same Issue, less than a week old and the print head hits the front of the printer during the initial print start. Not hard enough to damage the print head, or the printer, at least not that I can tell.