Printing alignment shifts midway through

I experienced a very strange failed print on my P1P.

The printing seemed to shift part way through, equally across all objects. Nothing was loose on the plate.
The brim it printed was way bigger than specified in the project.
I’m unsure if I adjusted the speed to Sport part way through or not.

In this instance:

  1. I turned on adaptive layer height on the object and made 2 duplicates.
  2. Rotated one around so all 3 would fit.
  3. Exported as gcode to save the really slow unzipping time from 3mf.
  4. Copied to the SD-card and printed.

I have the 3mf file and video of the print if useful, however I’m unable to share the model here due to licensing restrictions.
I have successfully printed the model before (without using adaptive layer height), by exporting the plate as 3mf, copying to the SD-card and printing.

Using Bambu Studio on Windows
Bambu Lab P1P 0.4 nozzle
Textured PEI Plate
Filament: Bambu PLA Matte
0.12mm Fine @BBL P1P (Only setting changed was Brim-object Gap to 0.3mm)

Wondering if anyone has seen this issue before?

Example of the large brim showing in Bambu Studio

Just before the shift:

Later after the shift:

This is curious, indeed.

I don’t have any experience with this particular problem but someone else has posted a layer shift concern.

Check this out…

Good luck,


Thanks for your reply.

I noticed the brim it printed was twice that shown in the Bambu Studio Preview screenshot. Visible ring where the normal one ends and the larger continues around it. It’s as if it put a brim on the brim.

Brims can have layers as well. Check to see how many layers of brim the profile is set to print.

have you tried to close and restart BL Studio? The software seems to have some weird bugs from time to time but most of the time a restart helps.

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It’s set to auto but with a 3mm brim-object gap. The curious thing is why its twice as big as what it shows onscreen.

I close BB studio after each slice and export. I might try exporting again and see if it starts to print the large brim again.

I’ve had the same issue a handful of times now. Last week it was 3 out of 4 prints, and now again today. I submitted a ticket and the response was to tighten the belts and make sure to use bambu labs brand build plate. There’s no way that’s the problem.
The shift is consistently 6mm in both the X and Y directions. If I tweak the model and reprint the layer is not consistent. The only thing I have been able to do to dodge it is print less “stuff”. These prints are about 50 small pieces in an array. No shift when printing 5, but shifts when printing 50.
Since they’re all separate, the entire lot of them is not shifting consistently on the build plate, that’s impossible. It has to be in the slicer somewhere. But support ticket was no help… yet.

For anyone else with this issue, clean your tubes. This solved the issue for me.

Similar issue.

Brand new x1c fresh out of the box today and my very first print was of the dinosaur puzzle from the stored files on the machine.

After the first layer the machine paused and asked if the detected layer defects were acceptable. I pressed resume as it was minor stringing, and the following layers were all exactly 3mm off to the side…

Haven’t raised a ticket yet, I’ll see if it does it a second time. Pretty bummed for my first experience to be a failure.

Fingers crossed…

That’s most probably a software issue. I have it too once in every hundred prints. I just restart the print and it worked out fine.
But with me it was a shift of only about 5mm