Printing PAHT-CF with .4mm Nozzle


I have a need to print PAHT-CF on an occasional basis. I will be purchasing the hardened stainless-steel nozzle. It is recommended to use the .6mm nozzle. Since I only want to print this occasionally, I do not want to be swapping nozzle every time I want to print, so I would prefer using a .4mm nozzle.

Has as anyone had experience printing with this material with the .4mm nozzle? I understand that if you do not print too fast, you can get away with the .4mm nozzle without it clogging. Please let you now your thoughts.

Best… Richard

I have a thread where I’m trying to improve my PAHT-CF prints:

In there are a few folks who have chimed in saying they’re using the 0.4mm nozzle and getting good results.
It sounds like the issues I’m having are due to the filament not being dry enough. Working on drying a retesting the prints now, and hopefully will have good news to report. I’m using the 0.4mm nozzle as well.

0.4 works just fine. I have just printed 6 parts over the last few days with a 0.4mm nozzle. Just make sure to preheat the chamber & dry the heck out of the filament.

Thanks for your thoughts. Purchasing the .4mm nozzle now!