Problems With Bambu Lab Refill Rolls

In the latest batch of black PLA refill rolls that I received (bath VE041B2221), there have been two major issues in most of the 80 rolls in the order.

  1. The inner edges cardboard spool is very rough and pushed inward. The plastic spool won’t push on easily and in many cases I have had to use an X-acto knife to trim it to fit.

  2. Instead of the filament being folded into the end, it is taped onto the cardboard spool. This means that when a spools runs out, the tape is pulled into the PTFE tube or the feeding funnel of the AMS. Sometimes I can go in with tweezers or needle nose pliers and pull it out. Other times I have to remove the feeding funnel from the AMS and push it through backwards with a 1mm metal rod.


I had the same problem and had to cut off the edges with a craft knife to make it fit. It was the PLA Basic Black filament

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I’ve had the same problem as well. It makes it very difficult to load the spool. I’ve also noticed they are taping the end of the filament to the spool. This does not work with the “Auto Refill” AMS function.

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“Just use our filaments designed for our printers! Never mind bunged up roll cores that you have to fix before you can use them, and sorry we changed the filament on you to different colors and print parameters without telling you. Your perfect prints are our number one priority!”

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What colors did they change?

I had the opposite issue.

Some of my refills are wound so there is a gap on either side when added to the spool.

This leads to the filament falling between the gaps as it is used and sometimes getting stuck as the pressure is too much and the friction stops it being freed.