Product Request: Programmable RFIDs for Filament Spools

Business Requirement: As an end user I would like to be able to reprogram the RFID on my used Bambu spools to match a different refill color.

The current configuration only allows you to refill used spools with an existing color unless you want to change it manually from within the interface. I would like to be able to reprogram the RFID with the color of my choice through the Handy App utilizing the NFC reader on my smart phone.

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Again they will not nor will they sell them, we have asked

The reason they will never do this is because it would only benefit people using filament other than Bambu brand. All Bambu refills come with an RFID tag on them. The only reason you would need to be able to program/reprogram an RFID tag is because you want to use it with a 3rd party filament which would not benefit Bambu in any way.

What I have done is saved my old RFID tags from used rolls and put them on a roll before respooling it with a donor roll. For example, I use an old “grey” RFID tag on my Pruasa Galaxy Black filament. I never print in grey for my business, but I use Galaxy Black all the time. I just know grey in Bambu Studio means Galaxy Black. Just a quick note, don’t have “Update remaining capacity” turned on if you do this. Each tag has a unique ID on it. The AMS uses this to track usage if “Update remaining capacity” is turned on. It will think the spool is empty.