Project Settings

In Bambu Studio (here under macOS) there is an item called “Project” right next to the menu item for “Calibration”. I just wonder what it is for? Since I use Bambu Studio, I could never click or enter anything there. Everything is disabled.

Can someone please enlighten me? I would like to store various project data there.

It is a feature in which it is possible to add and edit much relevant info (BOM, photos, notes, etc.) of a project.
Unfortunately, it was quietly frozen (Bambu Studio - What happened to the project section?) and foreseen to come back to life anytime in the future (Project Section (Tab) not editable and not showing information · Issue #2111 · bambulab/BambuStudio · GitHub).
I am unsure why it was abolished without any statement, as it made the slicer unique. The only issue I can see is security, as it stored metadata within the 3mf. But this is pure speculation, and which I cannot substantiate.

Ah, okay. Weird anyway…