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In Bambu Studio (here under macOS) there is an item called “Project” right next to the menu item for “Calibration”. I just wonder what it is for? Since I use Bambu Studio, I could never click or enter anything there. Everything is disabled.

Can someone please enlighten me? I would like to store various project data there.

It is a feature in which it is possible to add and edit much relevant info (BOM, photos, notes, etc.) of a project.
Unfortunately, it was quietly frozen (Bambu Studio - What happened to the project section?) and foreseen to come back to life anytime in the future (Project Section (Tab) not editable and not showing information · Issue #2111 · bambulab/BambuStudio · GitHub).
I am unsure why it was abolished without any statement, as it made the slicer unique. The only issue I can see is security, as it stored metadata within the 3mf. But this is pure speculation, and which I cannot substantiate.

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Ah, okay. Weird anyway…

I checked it out today (after reading this post) on a model that I opened from the maker world site … the section is populated with information including the pictures that the maker posted and other details. It is useful.

I also remember that one YouTube I watched (can’t remember if it was on TeachingTech or MakersMuse) that mentioned that a 3mf file is actually like a zip file and contains other files. They actually showed a way that you could include other details in the 3mf for history. Not sure if they would display in Studio.

Update: I went back to the Finder on my Mac and opened the 3mf with the Archive utility and it expanded. Here are the contents:

Yes, it is, and you can edit it.
I’ve been able to automate the editing process using a Python script, yet it was time-consuming and completely missed the purpose of being simple and editable. The only “advantage” would be to see the info on the slicer.
I just went back to my old project track method.

Initially (~ 1 yr ago), the Studio Project tab could be used to add pictures, descriptions, notes, etc to all of your models and stored locally. It was a very useful reference. Then an “update” completely disabled our ability to edit that tab within Studio and it became totally useless for several software releases.

The reason became clear when Bambu released MakerWorld a few months later. Now, to populate that tab, you must upload your project to MW before the information can be downloaded and seen on your computer.

I think you can somehow mark your project as private so that it is not shared with the whole world, but you still have to upload it to Bambu. I think they could have designed the tab for both personal and shared MW use, but that has not happened. The situation is one of several that have turned me away from both MW and Studio.

You can store some reminders in your project file locally using OrcaSlicer, which now offers a "Notes " tab for text.

Agree. But it felt strange that a feature was dropped without notice.
Unfortunately, uploading a model to MW doesn’t meet my needs (regarding the project).
I have no privacy concerns and could try to manage the added entropy, but the features I miss are not available.
For me, the advantages were the simple GUI, which included details such as the BOM worksheet, where I keep track of what I have in stock and need to acquire, and the easiness of updating it, which is crucial as a project passes many iterations.
Because of the absence of user questions, I understood that only a few significantly missed the project feature.

Makerworld fills that …

But requiring the information to ever leave my computer should not be a requirement.

I really like my X1C, but Bambu keeps finding more ways to push me away from their software, store, filament, and MakerWorld.

What I miss is these options:

After saving, they were shown in the project section.

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I’ve always wondered if you can just unzip the 3mf file and manually add in your files to the project folder and rezip. Something I’m going to try.


In most cases you’ll notice that it is a trivial process. However, a 3MF may include many things. Some have security hash files, but it is not an issue if you don’t change it.
I found the most complex process to change the g-code file. I’ve got more errors than successes.
Exploring and " hacking" the 3mf file is a funny exercise. Enjoy it.

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