Purge wiper pause during printing

During printing approximately every 18-20 seconds, the hotend heads towards the purge wiper for a pause/cleaning, this can be useful for quality but lengthens the final printing time. Is it true that it is due to the fact that timelapse is activated? Or is it a function that can be set by Bambustudio? Thank you

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Thanks so much for answer me

For future readers reference here is a thread detailing how to turn it off.


Mine goes from time to time near the purge point but not exactly. No timelapse (i do not see the point of it on the bed slinger :D) but still not sure if it does it only on multi-color prints or it does them on single color too?

Me too in single color and no timelapse, it seems to clean fast the hothend but i’m not sure.

Well yeaaahhh but then again it is not going to a purge area. Mine does it like upper left of the bed 2x2 cm away from the edge.
When I printed the night fury dragon the same place was the end of the tail so it had a few blobs of other filament stuck in the end…

I thought it was only my printer doing that…

Hello. I don’t know if my problem is similar to this or if it is also due to timelapse. I have an A1 and I’m trying to learn from it. I’m trying to print with 4 colors, it prints the first 3 without any problems. When it goes to the fourth color it is constantly going to purge and poop, another 2 seconds of printing and it goes to purge and another poop and constantly like that. I have to stop printing because I waste more than what I print. Any idea? Thanks

This happened to me yesterday and I found the problem
May be the tangle detection system, when the AMS cant feed filament at regular speed/force (maybe because you placed it wrong or the PFTE tubes are tigh). The printer thinks the spool may be tangled and purges a bit of filament to check if it can feed a consistent amount of it.
See the part where 4 PFTE tubes meet in the extruder, see how it moves up and down, if it moves down fully it alerts the printer about a tangle
See related info searching in the wiki for: Introduction to filament tangle monitoring

Solution: Place your AMS in another position and check if PFTE tubes are wide angled so the AMS can feed filament constantly without aplying too much force


If you want to see it clearly, print the Speed Benchy included in the SD card, it will purge every layer change if the AMS is in a bad position

yes it is true. The roll, despite being new, was very badly wound and only after unraveling a good bit of the filament was I able to print without any problems. Thank you for your help.

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Thank you. That was the solution to my problem

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