Quick Swap Revolution

Clip in, Clip out, No wire involved!
Stay tuned for September 20th Bambu Lab new product release to discover the next level convenience we engineered to make 3D printing easier!


Beginning to think my 6-month-old X1C will soon be obsolete…



I know there is a new printer but I REALLY hope those of us who own the Bambu printers currently can benefit from this via a replacement toolhead or nozzle swap or something.


Think replacement nozzles instead of an entire assembly


I was thinking it would need a new breakout board with contact points for wireless connectivity.

Funny you said it, I’m switching from Ankermake to Bambulab :sweat_smile:


I just ordered some new hotends. I mean, it works well for me, but damn. Furthermore, I hope I dont have to spend money on a new printer already.

My printer did not even mange 1000h of print time yet.

And you think Anker would be any better? I highly doubt that. I think we have to get away from the constant upgrades for 3D printers and look at them like any other tool or appliance.


Seen this?


Ill do that when more than .1% of people own one. I dont think the printer industry should copy the phone industry, personally.

Just got all my mew hot ends last week :face_exhaling:

Ok, then how do you want to see innovation? I mean, we see it even with Prusa. They stopped opensourcing everything as well. We are getting to a point, where improvements require some serious manpower and time. So special adaptations will quickly cost tens to hundreds of thousands of Euros / Dollar.

So you will have to start using patents and other forms of protection, or else you do not have a business model in the long term. I just do not see any other way forward, if the market has to become more professional and easy to use.


Got my x1cc up to 600h now. Helped me out immensely at my student design work and basically made all moulds and mountings for a formula student car.
If the new printer has dual (or more) extruders and an improved gantry, I am happy to buy the new one and sell the “old” one in a few months when all the “teething troubles” are resolved.

Yes an upgrade would be nice, but the first gen and especially early Bambu printers have many small problems which can only be resolves with a new product.
In comparison to a prusa, Bambu printers are much more integrated. (Probably to achieve a greater profit margin, better design and bad upgradability)
I am hoping the new printer will be a bit more user upgradable and serviceable, as Bambu lab has now a firm Position in the market.

Its cheaper for the company to make improvements in steps. The exact opposite of your argument is true. Its far more profitable to reuse 80% while upgrading 20% and it gives previous purchasers an upgrade path. If the new printer is drastically better, I wont mind as long as I can purchase the upgrade parts.

If the new printer is a different class (larger, smaller or multi head) I also wont mind. Ill buy one. A completely new and better version of the x1c thats not interchangeable with the x1c and has a better ams would suck a bit. lol. Maybe not for people that arent invested yet.

Your argument is more based on patents. I understand that part. Open source is best until a product is polished, like printers are becoming. No real reason to open source at this point.

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Yes and no.
They wouldn’t do a complete clean sheet design.
But you can’t just bolt on parts of a facelift car model to the pre facelift one.
There are many small improvements all around the product.
That’s why making a user upgradable “printer facelift” especially with Bambus integrated Design is very difficult.

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All they have to do is reuse the carbon rails. That creates an upgrade path.

Not that easy. I do not know what protocol they use to communicate between the toolhead and the machine controller, but that might also be a problem. What if they have now different needs for the toolhead (more current, more signals, etc)?

You will always be limited at some point. I work as an electrical engineer and we have one customer that really wants to keep every update backwards compatible, its a nightmare. You are so restricted with everything. We can not implement half the suggestions or improvements that would be good, because it would require new signals, or more power.

Really building, and also validating, an upgrade path is a ton of work. Sure it might work for now, but for how long can you keep it up? 1 generation, 2 generations?
It is much harder to then stop offering it, it will create much more friction if you change it, after offering it once. So, in BBL situation, I would think long and hard if it is worth it.

Also, you would have to offer support, you would have people who destroy parts while trying to upgrade, you will have all kinds of small defects hard to troubleshoot, and thus such a kit will not be that cheap. Just look at Prusa. Their MK3 → MK4 upgrade kit costs about 70% of the new kit price. I would not expect BBL to be much cheaper. Heck just for a few fans and side panels, the P1P → P1S kit is 160€. And that has no electronics, or anything else expensive!

3 generations is good. Its all up to them to make things compatible. And like I said, its more profitable to go to the parts bin for 80%. Also for power needs, you would just swap the board too(as an upgrade to get a new tool head to work). The psu is only 80 watts. Upgrading usually voids waranties so no need to give free support in those cases. Complete upgrade kits are never worth it because you really only need 1 or 2 parts that they bundle in.

I guess we will see. So far, their model has matched my way of thinking. Each printer is built upon a cheaper version and even each generation only got small upgrades.(x1 vs x1c)

I hope it’s the most amazing printer ever and makes my 3 X1C’s look like an Ender 3 compared to the X1. I’ll toss the X1’s in the bin and buy the new super printer.

Oh wait, my X1’s will still be great but there may be something I can look forward to upgrading to in a while…….


I guess my biggest concern is that all this stuff may mean that that’s it for X1C development. The X1C is awesome but there are still a pile of areas that are crying for improvement. For example, flow calibration with the textured PEI plate, or start-up time optimization. It’s the fastest printer for 10 hour jobs but pretty darn slow for 10 minute ones. If all this new stuff means that BBL has “moved on” from improving the X1C then that’s going to really suck. If there’s an upgrade path or they keep improving the X1C then I’m happy with what I got.