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Comment from “The Next Layer” author, who already has new bambu printer: “X1C will remain the flagship” and he also suggests that this new printer will be cheap. So this new printer is most likely for budget part of market.

(comment was made under “Gorgeous Multicolor 3D Prints on the Unreleased Bambu Lab” youtube video)


I think the fact that they released an upgrade kit for the P1P for a price not much higher than the printer’s price difference is pretty amazing!


Facebook user has found mention of an A1 (smaller) and X1E so looks like it’s two printers we’re expecting

I am doubtful how much you can do there. I mean I hope, but the chances are minimal. But honestly, I stopped using automatic calibration before each print a while ago.

Exactly the reason why I stopped using the auto calibration. I dont think it is necessary. The only thing I now do is the auto bed leveling, there BBL could take the advances of local bed leveling for sure, but if you just do the flow and pressure advance calibration each time you load a new roll of filament, it saves so much time in the end.

And in the end that also solves the problem with the textured PEI sheet, as the material is already well calibrated.

There were rumors about an X1E and X1S a while ago. I mean, yeah, we will get another higher tier or modernized printer in the long run, but I doubt they would release two drastically different machines at the same time.

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The kits are extremely limited, sell out within minutes and have a 1 to 2 month wait. Feels like an afterthought. Not the original plan. Probably only came because of users that were willing to speak up and let them know they werent happy. And all the users that returned p1p’s. The users that were able to fend off all the die hard supporters.


I just calibrate each filament when I get it. Right the info on a tablet so the next time you put the spool back in you can select the correct calibration and go.

I want a company that’s constantly innovating instead of becoming complacent and stay stuck in the past just to keep a few people happy who hate progress and change. I am not sure Bambu is for you since they seem to continue to innovate which includes change and progress.

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Holy ■■■■, people will whine about anything. Seriously - Bambu has forced the industry to innovate, and is putting something new out, and folks are crying because there’s something better on the market now.

Sounds to me like they’re more interested in clout than actually using their purchase. So silly.

Is Bambu not supposed to put anything new out until they find it acceptable? Or is it just the Prusa fanbois who are used to 4 years between product revisions?


You got any numbers on how many folks returned P1P’s?

Funny, they think we’ll be thrilled but we are the ones that already shelled out $1500 each for the X1’s. I have 3 and a P1S. Whatever it may be, it better be cheap and upgradeable from the X1.

Yep, I think so too.

My 3 tips:

  1. New hotend with a confotable clip, as you can top off the generally installed junk in all brands very quickly without major development costs. May a new X-Axis Carbon Rods Assembly kit for X1 and P1 will be needed…

  2. A new printer in the lower midfield because Creality is escaping into the lowest price segment with its new printer.

  3. And a universal matirial changing system because Bambo studio is taking on a lot of new printers into Bambulab Studio and they struggle with the TPU on the AMS - (So I start pray that IdeaFormer will come ones in a lifetime along with a network-capable printer which can by find in Bambulab Studio too… but it would still be too early - Belt printer are now too far away from what I expected - Bambulab really raised my expectations)

If I’m right, we’ll see who the lights come on and if I’m not right, then that’s just how it is :slight_smile:

What I don’t think will show up so quick is a new printer in the upper price segment without any connection to the current ones - they are to much ahead of everthing and will save the ammunition for bad times. Will first build customer trust Business Model Canvas - Wikipedia. Since you never will go along with high provormers with low trust: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTo9e3ILmms The only printer that came to my mind as an opponent is Prusa, but those printer always looks too expensive to me (because it simply solved other problems that weren’t that interesting to me).

I mean why? I do not understand this attitude. You bought the printers as they were fitting your needs. They did not get any worse, even if a better product would arrive They would produce the same parts at the same speed with the same quality.

Sure, you might get something better now, actually you can already. Go with an industrial powder printer. You can even print metal with those! Why is that not a problem for you?


Some more leakage…
All those “Its not a new printer” replies Lol You know who you are


Of course as I note in point 2, taking over the 400-600 USD segment secures the flagship as well - I actually thought of my 3 tips as a package, possibly not on the same day… and maybe I’m completely wrong. Shenzhen / Shanghai in China and Austin, Texas of U.S. So there comes Chinese capacity with American market takeover strategy. Don’t just think Chinese only…

Thats my key of steel. At the top right you can see a Bambulab hotend.

This key of steel only contains iron-based metals. Written in very small letters and only the compositions in %. So no explanatory texts.

Metal printers still have a damn long way to go…

Nothing wrong with being assertive. Don’t like it? Oh well, didn’t ask for your response. Don’t get too personally offended about it there. Move along.

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Oh, and if you are going to quote me, put the whole quote in with full context. I can tell which news you watch.

I’m in the same boat at less than a month old lol. I just wonder what the price tag will be now.