Random pause

Has anyone had their printer randomly pause mid print? It says that user paused it but I’m at work and the Wi-Fi doesn’t work on my phone when I’m there… It also happened last night when I was printing something during the night. Any suggestions? There hasn’t been an update recently for it so I don’t know if it’s a bug…

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It could be saliva or some other stain on the screen right over the pause button!? I know it sounds crazy but sometimes when I’m in a jacuzzi and water splashes on my phone, the screen does things because it thinks it’s been touched by a finger. Try cleaning your screen with alcohol. If that does not work, check if the buttons on top of the printer may be stuck.

Update: It always seems to happen during the last hour of the print.

Very weird thing to happen. I would restart the printer.

I have multiple X1Cs and there is 1 that keeps doing this. Same file, tried factory reset. Turned lan only mode on. Idk what to think anymore. New microSD card, power cycle. It’ll happen literally dozens of times in 1 3 hour print. Making it take forever if I don’t catch it on time.

I would check the cable to the button board as a loose connection could cause something like this to happen. Also it’s worth it to check the other end of the cable as well.

Another thing to try is switching the button board from one of your other printers into the problem one to see if it solves the issue.


Great idea, would just disconnecting them be fine though as well? As long as nothing is sending a signal? I never use those buttons anyway so wondering if just disconnecting would be sufficient to troubleshoot vs requiring a working version to confirm the same thing?

The other thing on that board is the chamber temp sensor. I don’t know if the main board would error if it doesn’t see the temp sensor. Can’t hurt to try unplugging it.


@jcapehart2 @JonRaymond see now I’ve done some other prints and it hasn’t done that at for a while. It’s really weird. I may end up leaving it and see if it does it again but I was wondering if it was a weird little bug.

Lucky! Here is where I am with my journey lol

I have lots of other Bambu printers with no issue, so at a loss.

Things I’ve tried:

  1. Upgrading to latest firmware
  2. Downgrading to the last firmware
  3. Local only (disconnecting from the cloud)
  4. New microSD card
  5. Factory reset (multiple times)
  6. Cleaning the screen
  7. Power cycle (multiple times)
  8. Try different files, different computers (same results, same files work fine on any of my other X1Cs or A1s)
  9. Disconnect the buttons on the front.
  10. Disconnect the screen
  11. Keep resuming and let it finish the job and hopefully the eprom resets ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Things I intend to try next:

  1. Burn it all

I have been having this happen, literally at the last hour or so of a print as well. Prints were > 5 hours ( of the ones I remember off hand, one was 6 hours, the other 12). I have not had it happen before on shorter prints for whatever reason.

I always wear disposable gloves when doing things with the printer, including touching the screen, so I don’t think it is that. Plus it’s too strong of a coincidence that it happens at the same point of a print each time.

Edit… I just realized what my pauses were… it was a pause in the g-code because I was supposed to inset a threaded nut in the print, and the one before it, the screw. I should have read the full description before I printed it… ffs.

I’m running into this issue too. I tried all of the things other people have above.

To add to the discussion: I also traced the cancel (emergency stop) button to pin 1 and 6 of the button board cable. I confirmed that pressing the button zeros resistance between these two pins. With the cable connected I traced the circuit board pin headers between both sides of the cable to rule it out as the source of the problem (connection on both pins across the cable is good).

Possibly related is that the Cancel / Emergeny Stop button has never worked so I’m suspicious now that it’s something wrong on the mainboard.

I have an open ticket with Bambu and I’m within 14 days of purchase so I’m hoping this will all work out. Did anyone else on the thread have any luck resolving this?

The only time this has happened, it turned out I accidentally placed a pause while reviewing the layers in preview. Its actually not that hard to do. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll sometimes get 6 cancel windows stacked on top of each other for a single incident so it’s seeming like a short somewhere. I can also print the same file again and the pauses won’t be in the same location.

Bambu Lab support hasn’t responded to my ticket but it’s just outside their committed response window so hopefully I’ll hear something soon.

My printer was doing the same thing. Tried calibrating the printer, didn’t help. Ended up resetting to factory reset and it’s working fine now. Not sure what the fix was but factory reset is not a real solution. If it happens again, I’ll open a ticket and send in my logs. .

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Closing the loop on my case: this ended up being that the front panel cable had been creased at the factory in two locations (presumably for tidiness).

Unfortunately, these flat cables can not be creased. Manufacturers provide the-minimum bend radius in the cable specs and none support being creased. This can lead to intermittent or permanent signal issues due to wire/conductor damage – as was the case here.

Bambu did take care of everything at no cost but I hope they’ll make manufacturing changes to eliminate the issue entirely.

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