Raw Downloads Missing?

I was asked in a comment where to download the source files - as it turnes out, the option is missing?

Example 1:

Example 2:

@Tanklet the button for raw downloads is gone. Could you check that with the team?

Click on “Download STL” and it will present you with whatever raw files are uploaded regardless of the file type.


Indeed, but that´s very confusing.


Agreed, the label “Download STL” should be changed.


Agree. Also in my case for the user it was not clear how to get raw files. Check comments

@benjaminkott @JonRaymond @MatejB
We renamed it as “Download STL” to be easier to understand by 3D printer users, although it stands for many more file formats.

How do you think just use “Download Model Files” instead of “Download STL” or “Download Raw Model Files”?

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or perhaps “Model Files”?


why clog it up ? are stl the most common 3d print files ?

I think simply “Download” which opens the raw model files window would suffice. Adding an option to download all as a .zip would be a good addition as well. You could simplify things by reducing it from 3 options to 2 by including the .3mf in the download box that pops up.

So instead of
-Open in Bambu Studio
-Download 3MF
-Download STL

It could just be
-Open in Bambu Studio

Where download brings up the box that has the 3MF file listed at the top followed by all the raw model files.


This is the way ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎

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My window
download or print
open in studio
download 3mf
how to get stl files

@Tanklet please reconsider the renaming. People having a hard time finding it.

@benjaminkott @Uhl @Mirkosa
Accepted. This change will be in the next month’s update.


Is it too late for my suggestion?

  • Open in Bambu Studio
  • Look behind the curtain!


“Look behind the curtain!”
Seems it is not so intuitive for most users?

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Depends on if you followed a yellow brick road to get there or not.

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I think I should have expanded the j/k abbreviation to joke.

@Tanklet did the change gone missing? Or was it simply forgotten to be deployed?

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I must say, I strongly dislike the ‘save the last option’ approach. A button that is always in the same place for every model should consistently execute the same function. I frequently switch between ‘Open in Bambu Studio’ and ‘Download.’ Having to read the button label every time significantly diminishes ease of use, in my opinion, and goes against fundamental UI design principles. It doesn’t align with my expectation as a user that a button should perform a single, predictable action. I don’t think this type of adaptation to user input is necessary. However, if you decide to keep it, I would prefer it as a user setting with the option to stick to a default button layout.

We did a test internally, some users thinks make “Download 3MF” an individual option would be better.

For the “Download STL File”, how about changing it to “Download STL/CAD Files”?

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