Repeated Delivery issues to Switzerland


I’ve ordered my X1C in the EU store end of may, and after a first failed shipping from Germany ( the package did not left Germany and was sent back to Bambulab depot…), I’ve received a new tracking number for a shipping from China. And boum … the shipping was also retourned to sender without leaving China. SO now, I’m left without any update / info / answer from Bambulab since 8 days …

Starting to fell bad about this order.

Any info from Bambulab team please ?


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I never had issues.

My XC1 came from Germany, had no issues. Also other orders like Filament, and stuff where delivered flawless. Last delivery came two days ago.

Did you provide the correct address with phone number?

There are a few people that have the exact same problems with delivery to switzerland at the moment, you can read through this other Thread. So far I am waiting for my printer for over 4 Weeks. Very disappointing customer service!


My address and details are correct. I’ve ordered a lot a small material from aliexpress without any issue. And I’ve received the Bambulab accessories ( beds, print heads, stick) , but the not the X1C.

Problem happens, but being kept in the dark without any answer for so long, that’s really not professional.

Since decades I’ve order goods from all over the world, and this is the first time it goes so bad.


Last update from the support:

Dear customer,

I apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Unfortunately, X1C is currently out of stock in our overseas warehouse and is still in transit, which has prevented us from shipping it to you.

We anticipate that X1C will arrive at our warehouse on June 29th.

I will closely monitor the situation and as soon as X1C is confirmed to be in stock, we will arrange for immediate shipment and update you with the tracking number.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

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Na dann :slight_smile: Sollte also heute in Stock sein im deutschen lager.

I finally received a new shipment number … the 3rd one should be the good one, no ?! Let’s confirme that next week.

Miracle exist ! I’ve finally received my X1C :upside_down_face:

Just finished the benchy and all is working well.

Keep faith and good luck to all other Swiss people waiting their printers :pray:

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Quick question: Did your new tracking number end in DE or CH? Was anything obviously different to the first package(s)?

So, first attempt ended with DE, second one was an attempt from China, and third and successful attempt ended with DE, but DHL number changed once in Switzerland.

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I have exactly the same problem… Failed delivery and now silence from bambulab SAV… I’ve ordered the printer mid December and we are mid February and still nothing… Can anyone help me???

I can’t help you, because I’m not working for Bambulab. But complaining at the support should be your next step (again probably).

Because I ordered my printer and some filament and everything worked good with sending the stuff to Switzerland.
25.1. ordered printer and filament
26.1. filament send out
31.1 filament arrived at my home
4.2. printer send out
8.2. printer arrived at my home

I’m sorry to hear your problems and I’m sorry that I can’t help

Doesn’t seem to get any better. Am now waiting for almost three weeks for my X1. Heads have been delivered promptly, as well as the filament which I received from customer service as an apology. First attempt has been returned to Bambu Lab, second one has been initiated today, so let’s keep fingers crossed it will work this time.

Could this be a issue with the shipping company? I mean Bambu Labs isn’t the company delivering the package?

Perhaps the shipping company couldnt find the address or Swiss Customs wasn’t happy and sent it back. I know of shops in the EU that refuse to ship to Switzerland because of the harsh customs regulations. Try contacting the shipping company if you have a tracking number.

I’ve ordered several printers from bambu labs, and heaps of filament and accessories without ever having a issue.

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Unfortunately the printer got send back again to Bambu Lab. This never happened to me before and DHL had the right address (I could see it in the DHL app). No clue, and if you read through above statements, it must rather be with Bambu’s distributor not providing the required details for shipping for the printer. The fillament and heads came through without any issue.

I am frustrated.

I’ve got mine 2 Weeks ago and the delivery took 3-4 days

Well you are assuming it’s Bambu’s fault, and it could be, but without proof bit harsh to judge them for it. Perhaps the label was damaged in transit and became unreadable, new driver and they couldn’t find the address etc, could be any given reason the transport company returned it. What else could go wrong? I’ve had probably about 30 deliveries to Switzerland and all arrived quick as they should.