Your package is being returned!

I’m glad to see that someone has the time to reply. Thanks.
I hope that u understand that the problem here is not that u have troubles with the shipping. ■■■■ happens.
The problem is that u must comunicate this kind of situation way sooner than u do now, and more important, u cant comunicate to the clients that “Your order is correctly delivered” when the order is NOT delivered. Because in that case the client is scared that what they have bought is lost, and since u told “delivered” it sounds like a discharge of obligations from Your side, and the client cant be sure if he’s covered by some assurance or he has to sue the trasporter company or someone else.

U can easily solve this misunderstanding simply by NOT sending a tracking report like that, that tells u that u have recieved your delivery when is not true, and simply let know the clients that there is a problem. Better than that is if u tell this directly at the billing stage, BEFORE a clients pay for a product and not let them wandering around in search of information.

I hope to have news from u soon
For me is not a problem to wait another week.
The problem is waiting without knowing the true.
So i hope that u can change the tracking message to reflex this, and to assure that Your clients knows the real situation.

Thanks for the answer anyway.

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My latest ticket was opened a few days ago my friend. NOT yesterday…!

@Ciprian - you are a saint. You are the face of the company, not the one responsible for replaying to service tickets and shipping, and yet you keep going. :clap:

I feel your pain being at the mercy of shipping companies who get flat out lazy, or bureaucracy with international shipping.

On top of that, being blamed for shipper screw ups and inaccurate information.

Same issue here. Ordered my X1C on 19.05.23 to Switzerland. So it has been pretty much 4 weeks. First package with the accessories arrived just fine, second one with the printer did not.
I still dont have a printer.
The Support takes forever to answer and seems incapable to find a solution.
They tried shipping (at least one) new one last week (which failed again at customs) and are now “looking into it” again.
I am really frustated about this whole situation!

If you really have shipping problems that is fine, but the communication and after-sale service is the worst i ever had with any company.


Same problem here, my order has never left Germany, I 'm a EU customer also.
Called DHL, I’ve been told to call Bambu Lab…
Personally I’ve opened a Paypal dispute, and oh surprise, Bambu Lab decided to reply my tickets, asking me to wait for a potential delivery, arguing that everything is normal with my shipment.
I give them until Friday June the 23rd to deliver my order, after this date I will ask my bank to cancel the payment.
One of the worse customer service ever…
Be sure that when I’ll get refunded I’ll go with another brand.

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This is really, really a silly situation…
One problem can happen, but we are too many people to call this a normal problem.
It’s unprofessional and show an incredible lack of knowledge if not a complete incompetence.
Customs fees were not invented yesterday. Switzerland is in Europe but not in the EU.
This doesn’t ring a bell in your mind? It’s not so hard to understand…
If they dont resolve it in a couple of days i’ll ask for a complete refound too.


So, I really did get “my” second Bambu yesterday even though I only ordered one. I had to pay CHF 107.24 before even getting the printer… :roll_eyes:
Just wrote Bambu Support if I should ship the thing back (would be ~ CHF 450 - 800.-!!) or if I should ship it to another Swiss customer waiting for the printer. Let’s see what Bambu support answers.

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Im very frustrated about all the shipment stuff, but that sum seems normal to me… looks like the 7.7% MWST + some minor customs charges that you will always encounter when ordering from another country… We save the 19% German VAT at checkout in return, so it realistically is a benefit for us swiss customers. :slight_smile:

Edit: maybe i misread, if you really got two and only ordered one thats idiotic for sure :joy:

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Short update. Printer has been redelivered on Monday and DHL Express delivered the Printer right now.

Would i buy again or recommend to buy from Bambu Lab EU, if you are from Switzerland?

  • The delivery took 3 weeks instead of 1.

  • The response time from bambu is by no means withing european standard
    (they know it already and trying to solve this, but this knowledge don’t help, if you are in need of support)

  • The support behavior (ask meaningless questions and wait to the next day to respond to the
    immediately sent response) is simply annoying. Understandable but not customer friendly.

  • Bumbu stated Reason for return: Custom problems.

  • I had to analyse Support problems and workflows in my job for many years, so my personal finding is:

  • The guys in Saulheim/Germany don’t care and send parcel to switzerland without the customs paper.
    -This can’t work at all, DHL couldn’t do anything if the papers are missing.
    -The problem is the german staff!
    -The logistic center works for Bambu Lab, so it is also their problem and they are responsible for this.

If i have know or read this before, i would have ordered the Printer there, but with a better feeling.
The experience of finding out, that the printer is stated as delivered, the order is fullfilled and you have nothing in your hand and the printer is back to bambu lab logistics, was not nice at all.

As mentioned, if i had read this detailed experience before, i would have known. That is also the reason, why i am describing it as detailed as possible. So if this happens to you, contact bambu (as also mentioned in this thread, customers with missing printers should get a ticketnumber and the ticket should be visible in the user center) and they will sort out the problems with the germans.

BTW. The Printer is delviered with a german Schuko Kaltgerätestecker. It doesn’t matter, if this is swiss legal, it is like that. Swiss people should be used of that by now. If you have a spare Cable with Swiss Plug, fine. If not, i would recommend while waiting for your printer, go to your next Landi and buy one of these, as far as i know, they are one of the cheapest seller.

They sell also a not fixing adapter for the same price.
Swiss legal is the non removable fix-adapter version.
I will use the standard adapter for now, just in case that i have to return the printer…

So i will now rewatch the setup video and read the instructions and hope, that i don’t need support in the next time :wink:

Kind regards

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Same thing for me, I ordered an X1C and only had troubles… Here is a little fun timeline for everyone except me to enjoy.

29.05: I ordered my printer, order confirmed.

30.05: A shipment is under way. Sounds great, looking forward to that.

02.06: A shipment has been delivered. Okay I didn’t receive anything? Looking at the tracking, it was returned to the sender… Okay, lets create a ticket and lets ask what happened.

05.06: Response on ticket, package was returned because of “unknown reasons”. Please re-confirm shipment address for reshipment. 2 hours after receiving said response I re-confirmed my address.

07.06: New response on ticket, thanks for re-confirming address. The shipment will be sent within 48 hours.

We’ll just leave the question on why it was not possible to send my order within 48h on 05.06 after I confirmed my address be.

15.06: I receive my new tracking number for the reshipment. Wait. Who can find the error? Oh yes, its not 48 hours but more than a week! I write them a response and ask them what the hell is going on that this took so long. After about 10h I receive a response with a default template apology and an offer for a 25 euro discount.

16.06: The reshipment was, once again returned to the sender. I, again, write to the support. They issue the 25 euro coupon they offered previously. Again, probably template apology. They promise to send a new reshipment as soon as possible.

Well, now here is a fun little quiz question. Guess who still hasn’t gotten a new tracking number?

I really don’t understand what is taking so long to reship a package? If you receive a package back from DHL the first thing you do is prepare a new shipment? Or is this somehow not possible. I really don’t get it.

Rant over.

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Same issue … since may I’m trying to get my printer… Accessories get delivered. After a failed delivery from Germany, I’ve got a new shipping from China… same issue retourned to depot :frowning:
Since, no news or answers from the support.
What a shame.

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It has been another week without a reply from the Support team, I am really losing my patience over this topic. (Ordered on 19. of May) I need the Printer for production at my company and did communicate that more than once to support. Every day the shipping is delayed is effectively losing us money.

Could someone at Bambulab please look into these shipping problems to Switzerland? @Ciprian I think it would be in your interest as well to get this figured out.

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I am printing since a few weeks now, had some first layer issues, which were caused by a air bubble trapped between the magnetic sheet and the printbed (was not visible by eye, only the prints were of bad quality on that spot right in the middle of the printbed).

Discovered in a different thread that you can puncture it with a needle and push the air out. Now i have perfect first layers.

You might wanna check this if they are from the same production batch.

Glad it all worked out in the end.

Last update received from the support:

Dear customer,

I apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Unfortunately, X1C is currently out of stock in our overseas warehouse and is still in transit, which has prevented us from shipping it to you.

We anticipate that X1C will arrive at our warehouse on June 29th.

I will closely monitor the situation and as soon as X1C is confirmed to be in stock, we will arrange for immediate shipment and update you with the tracking number.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

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Last week my printer is returned from Austria because of incccorect adress. I caontacted the store and i changed my adress for delivery to Germany. When they sent me to confirm if the address is correct, I saw that they wrote the city of Frankfurt State of Austria.I immediately wrote to them that it was not good and I am still waiting for an answer.if it goes to Austria, it will be the second time that the package is returned to them and I will ask for the money back

I have an update for the Swiss Bambu community: After many weeks of back and forth with Bambu support (their shipping team said, that shipping to Germany was only €100 when in fact it was at least €480…), they sent me a contact in Switzerland! The company is called Faigle 3D and is located in Zurich-Oerlikon. I called them just to make sure that this is really true. They confirmed that they are the local Bambu retailer since very recently (my guess is 2 weeks max :rofl:). They asked me if the printer needs to be fixed or just returned and that they hope they can resell it because the printers are very high in demand (who would have thought that :roll_eyes:).

Long story short: I am very positive that we finally have a local company which seems to help with returns and repair in the future! :+1:

After 5 weeks of epics exchanges, the third shipment should be the good one ! Delivery is expected tomorrow.

Let’s that.


It has been over 6 Weeks and countless mails for me too. The 3rd shipment attempt today was returned to sender again. I am so over it!
I have not heard anything back from the support team (except for the tracking info for the package that has been returned today), worst customer experience I ever had with any product. @BambuLab @Ciprian
Really hoping your package arrives.

So far, the package has gone thought custom and is in Switzerland.

I hope you finally get some luck on your case.

Best regards.

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Really speachless…
worst situation ever

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