Requested features by users granted by MW?

Are there any user requested features that were granted by MW yet?

Could you expand on this description, was there anything you were looking for specifically?

Yes, I requested the ability to upload directly to a folder, and it was implemented very quickly.

i see a lot of posts on very good features that are requested by other users that i agree on, not sure if they were granted yet or not, or am I looking at the wrong places?

If you see a feature request that neither Tanklet nor Bambu Lab responded to, the likelihood of it being developed is pretty slim.

They did add email notifications possibly as a result of this request (although probably already in their wish list) Makerworld comment email notifications


Yes, there have been quite a few times they’ve updated features based on my own requests. They have a good product and development team, especially in regards to their OpenSCAD model maker.

Profile URLs went from to I’d like to think I played a role in that.

There have been a lot of user-requested features that are implemented and lots of reported bugs that are fixed.

Just raise the requests or bugs and leave them there. Some may get acknowledged some may not. Some get implemented quickly while some may take a while. But if the request or bug has an effect on enough number of users, it will be attended to sooner or later.

This forum is not the only place to submit requests or report bugs. There could have been the same or similar request submitted by others from other venues. A feature requested by more people may get more attention.

Thank you to everyone who responded and supported our development and support team. To address your question, we thoroughly review and consider all suggestions and requests, whether they come from our forum or other platforms. If we determine that your request is reasonable and beneficial, we will add it to our development schedule and make the necessary improvements. We appreciate and value all of your voices. Thanks!

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Thank you very much for all your hard work, and appreciate taking all the suggestions from our fellow users. I see a lot of posts with feature requests that i like but not sure if they were granted yet or not for the public to see , maybe like a medal or ok sign on the post title indicating the suggestion was approved and now active or something like that.

That is a great advice, we will starting making these marks moving forward. If you see any suggestions or other contents you like, please don’t hesitate to show your support to our fellow members with a thumbs-up! Your voices make a significant impact in this community.

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Yes, requested an overview of available fonts for the customiser, never got a response to it but a few weeks later it was there with more :slight_smile:

Perhaps a 50 point reward for suggestions that are implemented would encourage more feedback? I’d leave feedback either way, such as the Model URL including the @, but it may help other people feel it is beneficial.